Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kids say the darnest things

Today, my best friend asked me if I would watch her son. Duh, without question. Her son is my daughter's best friend and boyfriend. After school we went to a park and the kids had a lot of fun. They even raced acorns down all the slides. We ate dinner and then that's when the fun began.
Makayla and her friend were playing house (I think). Their conversations were along the lines of this..
Makayla, "I am going to work at the hospital."
BF, "I work there too, and McDonald's"
M, " see you!"
Later, when they are coming 'home'
M, "I gotta go back to work,
BF, "why?"
M,    "They need me"
Side note. I am an operating room nurse who takes at least 60 hours of call a month and sometimes I get called back in. Makayla doesn't like that I get called in  so when that happens I tell her they need me. 
Next scene
M: "you go to bed, I go to work"
BF: "it doesn't work that way"
My flashlight crusaders on our walk to get the mail. 
It was a great day. Now we are watching some Jake as we get ready for bed. Night ya'll.