Tuesday, March 31, 2009

127 days until my last name changes...

So, I didn't get a walk in this morning...I came home with a splitting headache, and when I let Scout out when I got home his intestines told me it was otherwise better for him to stay in this morning, so that is what we did. However, it is 415 pm and I am posting after walking and after increasing my distance again. I will drive it later to see how far it really is, but I think it would be at least 1 mile (I don't see how it didn't give me at least that .2 of a mile that I needed anyway). Scout still wasn't feeling like himself, but I knew it would be good for us to get out. It is beautiful after all...almost 60 degrees. Maybe March is going out like a Lamb and finally letting Spring come?! Anyway, I am going to do the 8 minute arms again...like I said after just one day and no weights I already feel the burn. Oh...and right now I am trying Weight Watchers online free for a week to see if I actually take the effort to log everything I eat...I mean if I am busting my butt to get in shape the least I can do is hold myself accountable for what I eat. So far I have logged everything...and I mean everything... Until then...

Peace, Love and Applesauce!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Interesting fact

Apparently I can't do the math, but according to timeanddate.com there are 4 months, 9 days excluding the end date until my wedding...

Alternative time units
131 days can be converted to one of these units:
11,318,400 seconds
188,640 minutes
3144 hours
18 weeks (rounded down)

128 part 2

WOW...for spring it sure didn't feel like it today. NOT AT ALL! I thought that if March came in like a lion it would go out like a lamb...today was soo windy sure feels like March is going out like a lion as well. Anyway, I did my walk again this afternoon, another 1.8 miles...wow...seeing that in writing...wait it gets better my mileage for today 3.6 miles:) WOOT WOOT! And to think that a couple days ago I started this walking business at only 1.6 miles. WOW 2 more miles in less than a week! I can't wait until I start seeing results. I can't believe that my wedding is only 128 days away...with so much left to do. I have patience, and I know it will all get done and my wedding will be as special as I am planning. I just really look forward to my walks, it is a great stress relief for me. I can't wait until the weather is nicer and I can talk the dogs to the bike path or even add a bike ride into my exercise regime. Anyway...looking forward to tomorrow. After tonight I have off until Fri...maybe one of those days I will be able to get Joe to join me on at least one walk. Anyway, I better get to work. Oh and by the way...even using no weights my arms are sore...can't wait until I get to the point with the arms that no weights is too easy and I need to increase to using actual weights. But I will continue...my goal to look the best I can in my wedding dress...well actually my goal is to look hot in my wedding dress but even hotter in my bikini on our honeymoon;) Until then...

Peas, Love and Applesauce!~

128 days part 1

Good morning! Happy Monday! Just thought I would start this blog for the last Monday of March with saying how beautiful mornings are after a rain storm. We had a tornado watch yesterday, with the thunderstorm and everything to follow. This morning felt absolutely beautiful, well except for the wind that made it really cold. I have learned in my brief time doing this, that 1- I can't walk in the morning without taking my claritin, and 2- I eat out of boredom. That said, I did my first walk this morning and then the arm exercises that Jaime gave me and yes, they really only took 8 minutes! My morning exercise routine is now taking me about 45 minutes to complete, oh and I am now walking 1.8 miles at a time. If I knew I was that close to 2 miles, I would make my walk longer, but for now I will stick with the 1.8 miles. You can get 9 tenths of a mile done without even walking towards Nana and Poppy's. Well, that is all for now. I will blog later after my second walk, but that probably won't be until I am at work. Until then, Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Peas, Love and Applesauce!~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

129 Days to go (sunday's blog)...

So today, I walked the dogs in the rain. It was drizzling, so nothing too too shabby. I don't think I ever realized how many earthworms come out in the rain. I think I saw a bazillion. My walk in the morning was just a free walk...wasn't really sure of the distance and I am not taking that route anymore because there are too many dogs for me but it was nice to see some more of the neighborhood. Anyway... I had every intention of walking further...and I did, I just have no idea how far I walked. I used a pedometer that I found here in the house, and it said that my longer walk was actually shorter. Not really sure how that happens. It said that I walked like 3500 steps but only .6 km. That doesn't even equate to a mile ?!? I will try to measure it in the morning, but my walk has hills and all that jazz, so it is fun. For those of you that read my blog (I actually only think it is my sisters) here is the route that I took... I made a left out of our driveway, a right onto Logan. At the stop sign at Logan I went straight to continue to the "no outlet" part of Logan. I walked the cul-de-sac and when I got to the Logan Van Buren intersection I made a right. I walked up the hill, past Brentwood and past Beaver. I kept walking on Van Buren until all that was left was the corn field and turned around. I then walked back to Brentwood made a right and then walked home. I even through in a little sprint with Scout, but I am so not ready for running yet. I didn't get to do the arms today boo hiss but I am getting up earlier tomorrow since I don't work tonight so that I can get the walk in and do arms before Joe gets home. That is all for now! I am looking forward to finding out how far I am walking now, but that will have to wait until tomorrow!

Peace, Love and Applesauce!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

130 days Part 2

Walks part 2 was just as relaxing and felt just as nice as part 1. I am really enjoying it. I am looking forward to Wed...Wed is the day when I will increase my distance, even though it is only going to be 1 tenth of a mile, it will mean that each part of my walk is now half a mile which in the end means that I walked 2 miles:D I am so oober excited. What I really hope is now that i am eating better, drinking more water, and exercising that I will be able to hopefully start seeing results by beginning of May. Jaime sent me some "8 minute arms" exercises, which I will start tomorrow...afterall I can't have batwings in my dress. Other than that, I am really proud of myself for starting something and sticking with it. Soon, I will try to take a camera with me so that I can photoblog my adventure.
I also made the time for a quick visit with Poppy. He is doing better, will hopefully be out of the hospital tomorrow. Makes things a little easier for all of us, but just glad that he is doing better and is in higher spirits than yesterday. Keep up the great work Pop!
I also had the time to cook...well I tried. The thing that I love the most about the summer is being able to cook on the grill. To me there is nothing like outdoor grilled food...yummo! We had porkchops on the grill, and I tried to make the potatoes, but unfortunately they were taking longer than we had time for, so they ended up getting microwaved. Not my favorite way for potatoes, but when in a pinch you have to do what you have to do. We also had corn...in those steamer bags. Whoever invented that is GENIUS!!! I love the way steamed food tastes, and knowing that it is good for you too EXCELLENT!!
Well that is all I have to say for now. I better get going with work. Looking forward to 3 walks tomorrow. Have a great night!

Peas, Love and Applesauce!

Day 3...130 days until "I Do"..Part 1

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good night! I am just getting in from doing the morning walk with the dogs and man..I am looking forward to adding some distance. I am going to pace myself though, I don't want to do too much too fast that I stop doing it. So I am looking forward to next week to increase it...i think I am going to only add one tenth of a mile so that I am doing a mile in the am and a mile in the pm. Anyway...another post rain morning. Today didn't seem as fresh...it smelt fresh, with a hint of earth worms. I would rather smell a hint of ocean, but I know I am not going to find that here. I really think my dogs are enjoying these walks too, I am learning a lot about their uberpersonalities. Gizzy, she prefers to pretend to chase birds, or squirrels...mostly birds. Scout on the other hand,
he prefers to bark at dogs. He also prefers to try to drag me with him to meet said dog. Either way, I do enjoy mom and dog time...especially after last night at work so totally enjoyed the "unwind time" Well that is it for now...I am sooo ready for bed. Until later...

Peace, Love and Applesauce

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 2 err...131 days until my wedding

You know what I love most about living back in PA...the smell of the morning after a rain storm. Seriously, have you ever noticed how clean it smells. Especially in the spring before we even get any humidity. It smells wonderful. Yeah, that is what I noticed this morning on my walk. It was great to walk, the mornings are starting to warm up, I don't really see my breath any more and I get to smell air. Living in AZ, even in early spring the morning were too hot and never really smelt clean. Even after a rain storm it usually smelt like dust. Unfortunately, my afternoon didn't exactly go as planned. I got up at 2pm (which working nights is an hour earlier than normal) and went to my interview at Wilson School District. I interviewed about being a substitute school nurse. Anyway, I was planning on going to the interview, then going to the post office, then going back home to do the second part of my walk. However, like the Rascal Flatts song "Life throws you curves, sometimes you swerve" Well for me missing out on my second walk was me swerving. I missed it, not because I was lazy, but because my grandfather got admitted to the hospital. It is hard to see him there, it seems like he was just there. I was doing ok with the visit until my grandmother showed up and he started to cry. You can see the pain and frustration in his face, and honestly, I can really see him aging.

Anyway, I did what I could to be there for him, gave him my love and encouragement, then I left to get ready for work. It's ok if I have to sacrifice my exercise sometimes....I have days off, like Sunday, where if it is nice I can walk the dogs 3 times to make up for it. Anyway, I better get back to work, I needed to blog because I have a really tough assignment. Have a good night!

Peace, Love and Applesauce!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 1

So...I did it. I can say I stuck with my plan. And as easy as it is turning out, I think this was a great idea for me. I walked both dogs this morning and then again this afternoon. When I counted up the mileage...1.6 miles! Well I know that is not a lot, but to me that is huge. It sure didn't feel like that, but then again it was only .8 at a time, but still going from nothing to 1.6 miles in a day is awesome...at least I think so anyway. It should be easy for me to keep walking...I just have to find time to do it when the neighborhood dogs aren't out. Gizzy, she didn't seem to pay them any attention, she was on a sniffing mission, Scout on the other hand...was on a mission...he wanted to walk and um pull me right into the dog. It was tough work, but both Scout and I returned unharmed. I think I might even be convincing Joe. He made a comment about walking 7 miles at work and mom and dad said that doesn't count. Even more scary, they seemed to have said it in unison ;) So, maybe I will be able to get him to at least do the afternoon walk with me, the morning walk is my time to unwind from work and spend it with my kids...er umm dogs. Anyway, I was able to get the walks in before it started to rain...I just hope it isn't raining in the morning...I don't want a smelly dog all day. Well that is it for now. Oh PS...The second weekend in June I think I am heading to Pittsburgh for the Autism 5k walk, and well to celebrate my cousin Brendan's 5th bday... I will keep you posted. Not sure how long exactly a 5K is, but I am sure by June I will be able to walk it without a problem.
Peace Love and Applesauce!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok...so yes, it has been a long long time since I blogged. Sooo why not now. Ok so today I started my pre-wedding workout. Nothing too hard, but something I can and will definitely stick too. I did not budget in a gym membership and quite frankly I don't really need too. I have 2 dogs that could use some exercise too. So...today I did it. I started. Those 2 words are like music to my ears. I started. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to say I continued. My plan...walk the dogs in the morning when I get home from work or before I go to work depending on the day, and then again when I wake up or when I get home from work again depending on the day. Each week I will increase the distance I walk with each dog, so hopefully by May, even if Joe joins me, I will be walking at least 2 miles a day. If Joe doesn't join me that will be 4 miles...but 2 miles at a time since I can't walk both dogs at once. Today I did the first part. I left mom and dad's house and went left. At the first stop sign I turned right onto Logan. Took Logan to the stop sign, made a Left onto Van Buren. Got to the first stop sign and made a left onto Brentwood. Then walked back to home. I don't even think it was a quarter of a mile...hmm something maybe I should check just so I know, but it was a start. Unfortunately I didn't get to do it for a total of 4 times today (2 in the am, 2 in the pm), but I did walk it 2 times in the pm. I am so glad that spring is finally here. I am also looking forward to weekends...weekends that have nothing planned. So I can walk the dogs in the morning and at night, but in the afternoon....I can ride my bike again! Ohh man how much I have missed that bike.. LOL wow what a nerd. Anyway, that is my blog for today...didn't do anything fun except get off my lazy derriere and start enjoying the weather. That's all for today...I will tell you more about my fun and excitement tomorrow.