Monday, March 30, 2009

128 days part 1

Good morning! Happy Monday! Just thought I would start this blog for the last Monday of March with saying how beautiful mornings are after a rain storm. We had a tornado watch yesterday, with the thunderstorm and everything to follow. This morning felt absolutely beautiful, well except for the wind that made it really cold. I have learned in my brief time doing this, that 1- I can't walk in the morning without taking my claritin, and 2- I eat out of boredom. That said, I did my first walk this morning and then the arm exercises that Jaime gave me and yes, they really only took 8 minutes! My morning exercise routine is now taking me about 45 minutes to complete, oh and I am now walking 1.8 miles at a time. If I knew I was that close to 2 miles, I would make my walk longer, but for now I will stick with the 1.8 miles. You can get 9 tenths of a mile done without even walking towards Nana and Poppy's. Well, that is all for now. I will blog later after my second walk, but that probably won't be until I am at work. Until then, Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Peas, Love and Applesauce!~

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