Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is this what I have been missing?

As you know, yesterday I started a new workout program at my gym. I woke up today sore, in a good way. It was the first time in way to long that I felt like I had a good workout at the gym. Today, I went back, I grabbed the bull by the horns. And again, I was sore. This time it started while working out, and no, it wasn't soreness like something was injured, it was soreness like my muscles were getting a good work out. I have been going to the gym for 3 months now, I for one did not see that happening, nor did I expect to see my face light up when I had this soreness. It was awesome! I joked with the trainer there and was like your program is kicking my butt! Hopefully in shape. Well, if not my butt at least it is working on the saddle bags and bad wings. Anyway, just wanted to touch base again. Let you know about my new gym adventure. In 3 months I get another program change AND I get another fitness assessment. I can't wait to see the changes! With 2011 coming to a close, I am starting to think about my goals for 2012. One of them is to actually be able to wear a bikini with pride, but even if I can't achieve that one, at least I know I will be giving it my all! And, my next 5K is this weekend, hopefully I will continue to feel better, although nothing but a blizzard is keeping me from running this race! It is my second and last race of 2011!!
How was your workout Wednesday?!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The proof is in the pudding er um jeans

So, I hate shopping. Hate it with a passion. Especially when shopping for clothes. That was until today. I will spare you the details of why I ended up at Tar-jay, but I saw all these sales racks and they called me in, well, I saw this one pair of pants tgat I thought were cute in a size I didn't think I would fit in. Well, I put them on and they fit! Fit with some room. What does this mean to you..probably nothing. But to me it means that in 5 months I have lost 43 pounds and now officially fit in jeans that are HALF the size I was when I started this journey. I am now STOKED to see what 2012 has in store. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the gym with the trainer for a program redo. I have no idea what to expect, and for some strange reason, I AM NOT SCARED!! I say bring it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing everyone A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you remember the reason for the season and my you find your miracle today. I hope that Santa was good to you whether you were naughty or nice. I want to say Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for the best Christmas present ever last year and every year, my daughter Makayla. There is truiy nothing better a mom could ask for.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your time with your family!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Suddenly A week goes by...

Good morning! I had every intention of putting up a blog post last week regarding my daughter's birthday, and then about her party, but one thing led to another and the week slipped away into another week. I will post my letter to my daughtee hopefully later today, and if you want to see some pictures from her party, go to my sistee Rockle's blog at As this week started I knew there was a lot to do before Christmas, but I also thought the week was going to drag as usual. Boy was I wrong. I think this has been one of the fastest weeks ever! Here we are on Christmas Eve Eve and there is no telling how fast Christmas is going to fly by. I am hoping that time will slow down. That just for a weekend time will go by slow enough to savor every laugh, every smile, every sight, every smell. This is the first Christmas without my Grandfather, and I don't know what to expect. I know I will be sad, but I also know that he isn't suffering and
that he wouldn't want me to be sad. Either way, I know we will get through, because we have family and we have each other.
Before the festivities start tomorrow, I am making sure I get my run in. I know I will feel better about eating a little unhealthier knowing I exercised.
Whatever you do, however you plan to spend it, make sure this holiday you slow down and savor the moment. Afterall miracles do happen.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Here is a photo of myself when I began my exercise and weight loss adventure back in Sep

Here is a photo of myself last weekend.
Looking at this right now is one of the first times that I can say I see a difference in my appearance. I guess the running and going to the gym is paying off. I can't wait to see what other changes I undergo. thank you for your support. I hope to always make you proud.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I just looked at my daily mile page and honestly never thought I would be writing this...I am looking to break 300 miles by the end this year, maybe the end of this week. I never thought I would ever care about something like that, and here I am eager to see how many miles I will end 2011 with. It is something to be proud of considering I didn't really start running or working out until Sept. The bar will be set, I will just have to rise above it.
In the meantime, today is Monday so that means it's gym day and weigh in day. Hopefully my week will continue on the tone that yesterday set. Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. It's extra special this year because it is my first birthday as a mommy. Looking back, I have a lot to be thankful for, besides my beautiful daughter. So this year, I started my day off with a run to thank Godand mybodyfor the ability to run. I am disappointed that I didn't run 4 miles today, but still happy I ran 2.5. I thought I was dressed for the cold, but my arms never warmed up. Guess I need to look into more cold weather gear for running. So on thin Sunday, remember to thank God for the many ways he blesses you, and live to never take a moment for granted. Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

And Look A post...

So, I know I haven't written in a while, it just seems like I am trying to learn to balance this new aspect of who I am becoming with the old me. For example I am trying to figure out the best schedule of when to run/work out without sacrificing mother-daughter time. Therefore I usually wait until I take my daughter to daycare and then leaving myself time to do it before work. It seems to work well on most days, until the hubs has off. Then, that is when he makes it seem like working out gets in the way of everything. He makes it a point to guilt me out of going to the gym by saying we dont see each other enough, and while we do have the weekends free I make him feel invisible. I don't know how to respond to that, other than forfeiting what I love and actually LOOK FORWARD to doing, just to keep the piece. Sure, whi wouldn't rather eat anything they want and not have to work out. I am not one of those people. I haven't lost 40 pounds doing nothing. I am
not sorry that making myself healthier stands in your way of us doing absolutely nothing. We can still do that, after I go to the gym/run. I do it for me. I do it to clear my head, de-stress. In running is when I cut myself some slack. It is one of the times in my day that I allow myself to be proud of many changes that I have made. It is my opportunity to feel like I shine.
Sure, I didn't run today. Sure, I feel guilty. But, I created memories with my daughter and I wouldn't change it any other way. So tonight, on the eve of the one day a year that is about me, I am going to put my foot down. I am taking back my me time and going to utilize it in whatever way I choose. I am no longer going to feel guilty for working out, or for wanting to watch tv (currently I am obsessed with Friday Night Lights). I give 100% of myself in EVERYTHING I do. And I am done feeling guilty!
So, tomorrow as a birthday present to myself I am going to run 4 miles. I am not running from anything, just running to save myself.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Polish Swap

If any of you know me, you know that I love nail polish, but my job does not allow me to wear it on my nails. What that means is that I get pedicures. I promise I won't be showing you my feet, but I will be showing you awesome polish that I recieved from my swap partner Nikki from the

What you don't know is that the polish GLOWS IN the DARK!! I cannot wait to treat myself to my birthday pedicure so that I can have toes that glow in the dark! Not only did I get polish, but also a X-mas tree. Well, at least it got me some decorations!