Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas is Nov

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. How can one be sad around all the beauty of the lights, sounds and all that is Christmas?!? Well, on Saturday my in-laws came to visit and wanted to do something. It was with some googling and some assistance of a friend that we came to decide to go to Koziar's Christmas Village. I haven't been there since 1997, so it was practically the first time I was there. Turns out they open the first Saturday of November EVERY single year. Maybe I will make this a tradition now?!? If anyone wants to go, let me know. I am not going to overwhelm you with all of the photos (if you go to my Facebook page you can see them all) but I am going to share some of my favorites throughout this post  and hopefully more until we go again. Trust me, we WILL go again. Here are some of my favorites...
This is the view of the village as you are arriving at it. The lights of the village light up a very dark stretch of road.
Saturday selfie in front of Makayla's favorite place, the cookie shop where they have the best Hot Apple Cider ever!
In front of one of the little houses in the village. Makayla loved looking inside them and oohing over the stuff inside.

And finally,
With the bear on the way out. Makayla wanted nothing to do with it when we first ft there, but then wanted too before we leave. I would say it was a success.

Yes, I know it isn't even thanksgiving yet, but with everything going on in my life, a lot which I cannot talk about yet, I needed something to make me truly happy. So, going to Christmas Village definitely was the therapy I needed. I promise, I won't skip Thanksgiving, I was just checking the waters to see what it was like. Christmas! Can't wait for this year!