Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 25th

30 days until Christmas... Can you believe it?!? Holy crap. Just thought I would take a minute to blog about life right now...as it stands... Today is the birthday of both my maternal grandmother and grandfather. Yesterday was their anniversary. Nana said she stopped counting and or celebrating birthdays...I just told her she was 57 today. I started work a week and a day ago...and I am really sick of all these classes. Today I learned about the charting system, which was good to know, but at the same time was really overwhelming. Tomorrow I get to learn about the metavision, which is the ICU charting system, and I get to spend 3 hours on the floor going over more computer work and getting my schedule for the rest of orientation. I just can't wait to be on the floor again..although no so sure I am looking forward to working nights. Today I talked to one of my professors from St Luke's who is now the director at another nursing school and she is looking at me to be a clinical instructor in the spring. I am also looking at going to Kutztown to get my MSN, hopefully I will get to start in the spring. Joe today got the job from Crayloa and gets to be pee in a cup tomorrow morning. Today he decided he wants to go to school for something that he knows will be rewarding...he wants to go to nursing school. So, hopefully he will get that ball rolling. Anyway, that is enough for now, I am supposed to be with Nan and Pop but there are so many people here that I needed to take a break and hide. If I don't post something sooner...HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 19thhh

***Disclaimer: this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but the internet was acting a fool, so here is my blog for yesterday....

Ok, So maybe I need to come up with cool titles for my blogs. I am not cool like Jaime to use song titles, and well Rachel is Rachel so her blogs are completely different. Anyway... today was my third day of work at LVH. Stating that, I have learned some awesome things the past 3 days... Some guy who started a gas company out here loved LVH so much that in his will he left them 20 million dollars. Even cooler...LVH pays out their scholarships from the interest gained on the money. Our security guards pack and wear bullet proof vests. They don't have security dogs, but you will get stuck in the elevator. AT&T gives LVH 45% savings on phones....that is almost half off!! I also learned that there is so much more for me to learn. I didn't do so hot on the pharmacology test I had today. I don't think it means anything other than there is a lot left for me to learn. I mean the questions I got wrong were meds I have never used before! How was I supposed to know what they were for?!?! I also learned that with patience comes a whole lot of somethings. While living at my parents may not be the ideal of situations...it works right now. I get a roof over my head and food in my stomachs, and they have Joe and I to do yard work, household chores and even things like finding my mom's reindeer. We also get to spend some quality time with Nan and Pop..as well as any once that goes there to visit. Then there is Shae. Shae by any other name would be cupcake..or well Peanut as I like to call her. I have seen so many different sides to her I get excited to see what she will be like next. Take last weekend for example...Shae didn't nap. She was exhausted and you could tell, but she didn't want to miss ANYTHING!!!. I have spent more time with her in the month since I have moved home than all the other trips home combined. I look for excuses to babysit her, although I can't wait for Dec when I get to put her to bed again. I know that my time with Joey will be shared amongst all the other relatives here in PA, but that is ok. It will be time well spent. I also have flight vouchers that I am going to use in the spring...to spend time with Jaime and Joe and Joey...and maybe if I am lucky kick the adults out so I can spend some quality time with just me and my nephew.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well... Happy Veterans Day! I thank each and every one of the soldiers who fought and died for our country so that we can enjoy the things we do today. There are many veterans in my life...one who is so near and dear to my heart...my fiance. He won't say anything, nor does he expect thanks. If you ask him he did what he thought was right.....and he will also say how much he misses Japan. Still... I want to thank each and every one of you! I so truly appreciate it.

Today is exactly 30 days until...I TURN 30!!! I can't believe it. I don't think that I could have imagined my life being the way it is now 5 years ago...and now that I am going onto a new decade of life I hope that the next 30 years are just as wonderful. I have met many people and have had the opportunity to see lots of great places. All have helped change me and mold me into the woman I am. I have no regrets with life...regrets are the devil's paycheck...and he doesn't deserve to get paid. There are things that maybe if I could I would not do them, but regret them I do not.

Can you believe that it is 6 WEEKS...6 little weeks until...CHRISTMAS!!! I am not ready...I will do my best to get ready, but I am not ready now. I now have a niece and a nephew to share the innocence of Christmas with, but still...6 weeks. I can't believe how fast time goes. I can't believe that if you blink your eyes fast enough 2008 will be over. Oh man...

Speaking of Christmas... I am trying to figure out if I want to make a Christmas wish list or if I want to have Joe help me with our wedding registry and just update it or start over...either way giving family the option of getting us stuff on that for the holidays. There is nothing that I really want or need for Christmas. I am back home with my family which in all honesty is really all I wanted for Christmas. I will be surrounded by people who love me...both my family and my future inlaws. I can probably come up with stuff that I would like to have, but living with my folks it is a little hard to "store" things for when we move out. I will just keep thinking about what to do and when I come up with an idea...I will share....

That will bring me to a STRESSFUL 2009. Only stressful because I will be planning the most important day of my life...and one of the most romantic days in my life...my wedding. I am trying to do a little planning every weekend, or every other weekend, so that when the new year comes I won't turn into this Bridezilla that goes all berserk bc well quite frankly I know that something will go wrong...something will not go as planned, but the best part is no one else will know except me. Joe won't even know... So while I want to plan on it being the best day of my life...which I am sure it will be...I am also trying to keep myself grounded by doing that there is only so much I can do and whatever happens happens.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So...life throws you some curve balls even when you think all is planned out. It took to long for the wonderful commonwealth of PA to process my license information, so I haven't started work yet :( I will start however Nov 17th...which guarantees that I will have off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My sister Jaime had a beautiful baby boy named ----> Joseph Michael on Halloween which as my sister Rachel pointed out means that he will be a prankster. That is all well and good however, but Rachel also continued to point out that her daughter...my niece Shae (seen below) is going to be the Joker of the family (Shae's b-day happens to be on April's Fools day). That being said, these 2 wee ones are the loves of my life. I can't wait to get to see Joey and love on him, and when I see Shae on the weekends she melts my heart....well especially when she calls my Fiancee's name or accidentally mistakes him for Pop-pop. Anyway, I am just trying to survive until I start work, but until then...I have these 2 little ones to keep me happy.