Friday, November 7, 2008

Life throws you some curve balls even when you think all is planned out. It took to long for the wonderful commonwealth of PA to process my license information, so I haven't started work yet :( I will start however Nov 17th...which guarantees that I will have off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My sister Jaime had a beautiful baby boy named ----> Joseph Michael on Halloween which as my sister Rachel pointed out means that he will be a prankster. That is all well and good however, but Rachel also continued to point out that her niece Shae (seen below) is going to be the Joker of the family (Shae's b-day happens to be on April's Fools day). That being said, these 2 wee ones are the loves of my life. I can't wait to get to see Joey and love on him, and when I see Shae on the weekends she melts my heart....well especially when she calls my Fiancee's name or accidentally mistakes him for Pop-pop. Anyway, I am just trying to survive until I start work, but until then...I have these 2 little ones to keep me happy.

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rockle said...

rats! i didn't know about the paperwork delays ... but it is a fair amount of awesome that you'll have tksgvg and xmas day off. yay holidays! they're gonna be AWESOME.