Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seiple Farm

Over the weekend, Makayla, my friend Liz and her son Anthony, Joe and I went to Seiple Farm's pumpkin patch. The more exposure Makayla gets to the fall, the more fun she seems to have. Here are the pictures from that outing...

 Doesn't she look excited to be on a hay ride. With actual hay...she loved it! She kept "cleaning" up by pushing the loose hay through the cracks on the wagon.
When we got to the patch, you pick up a plastic bag to put the pumpkin in. She loved carrying the pumpkin...
 Liz and Anthony looking for "Spookly" I believe that is it's name
 Makayla trying to find the perfect pumpkin
 Joe found his pumpkin and put it in his bag...
 Makayla wanted to carry the pumpkin
 It didn't go very far
 "Me carry"
 She had enough, looking for her own pumpkin

Hmm, what about this one...
 She sees the wagon ride coming again
Her and Anthony are picking out the perfect acorn squash...I think

I am hoping to be able to catch her in some leaf jumpin escapades...
Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple Blossom Village

So, on Columbus Day, I wanted to do something fun with M, Shae, my dad and Joe. I googled "pumpkin patches lehigh valley" and I got a ton of results. I ended up suggesting Apple Blossom Village because when looking through the information online, it was more than a pumpkin patch. I had never heard of it, so obviously I was never there before. I was excited to see what it was really like. I honestly was a little nervous about it, but I am so glad we went. It really was so much more than just a pumpkin patch! There was a petting zoo...

llama llama red pajamas?
is your mama a llama?

miniature ponies



There was even a train ride...

I think everyone loved the train!
 Choo! Choo!

 While we were waiting to go to the pumpkin patch, PopPop bought the girls a turn to ride Blossom the pony.

Her first pony ride! She LOVED.IT!
So, now it was time to go to the pumpkin patch. We climbed in the wagon...

 Enjoyed the scenery...

And arrived at the "Patch"

 Even Joe and I stopped to get a photo taken...
All in all I think it was a success. It was way more than just a pumpkin patch, it wasn't too far away, and maybe as the leaves keep changing, we will go just up to look at the scenery.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sneak Peek

As you know on Monday, we all headed out to a Pumpkin Patch. I will be posting pictures, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the ball pit that I found out later we illegally entered.

I don't care if we entered it illegally, Makayla loved it! Guess we need to go to Chuck E. Cheez.
Happy Weekend eve!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day, Fire Prevention Continues

Wow, look. Another week is halfway over! I cannot believe it. No wait, that means that if you are reading this that you have had a post a day so far. Man, I must really take advantage of nap time mroe often. Anyway, here are some more pictures from our trip to the Fire Station.
 She noticed that there was stuff behind her...

 She was sad because we wouldn't let her wear the fire helmet, I was afraid it would crush her. It was even heavier than the coat.

This seal was on the floor on our way into the Fire Station. I wanted her to stand by it, she wanted to sit on it. I don't mind that she isn't looking at me, she is looking at the fire chiefs wife. I believe they got a better picture.
I cannot thank them enough for hosting this open house. I am hoping to do this again every year, and see her face light up as much as it did this year.

Hope you are having a super week! Don't forget to check or get your fire extinguisher checked!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fire Prevention Week continues

So, now that Columbus Day is over, we are back to Fire Prevention Week. Here are some more pictures of Makayla from our visit to the Fire Station. I think the best part of it was that the kids were allowed, no wait, encouraged to climb on into the fire trucks. They had the batteries of them turned off so we didn't have to worry about any accidents, and as I was talking to some of the firemen, it will be fun when they actually turn them back on to see what will happen. I am glad I wasn't there for that! Anyway, Makayla loved to be able to go into the driver seat and drive the trucks. She kept telling me how they were stuck!

I love this last picture. She is so serious! One of the firemen noted how she would be perfect for a job as an engineer because of how serious her face is here.

Happy Tuesday! Don't forget to check your smoke detectors!