Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fire Prevention Week continues

So, now that Columbus Day is over, we are back to Fire Prevention Week. Here are some more pictures of Makayla from our visit to the Fire Station. I think the best part of it was that the kids were allowed, no wait, encouraged to climb on into the fire trucks. They had the batteries of them turned off so we didn't have to worry about any accidents, and as I was talking to some of the firemen, it will be fun when they actually turn them back on to see what will happen. I am glad I wasn't there for that! Anyway, Makayla loved to be able to go into the driver seat and drive the trucks. She kept telling me how they were stuck!

I love this last picture. She is so serious! One of the firemen noted how she would be perfect for a job as an engineer because of how serious her face is here.

Happy Tuesday! Don't forget to check your smoke detectors!

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want pictures from pumpkin patch !!! love mom