Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My dearest baby...

Dear Femus,
You are 19 weeks old this week! Wow, how big you are growing. From the readings that your mama has been doing, you are the size of a mango this week. Even, though I can't feel you moving yet (I am sure that will change) from the sounds of our last doctor visit you are a very active baby! Next week, Daddy and I will be finding out what we will be calling you based on your ultrasound. We already have names picked out, we just can't wait until we can actually start using them to address you. Daddy is hoping for a boy, but I just want you to be healthy. You will be loved unconditionally no matter what God has blessed us with. Your cousins Shae and Joey are wonderful, and you will fit in perfectly with them. Your cousin Shae is three and already looks for you. Your other cousin Joey is too little to understand what a baby is, but he is almost 2. I can't wait for you to meet them. You have 2 aunts and 2 uncles who are looking forward to meeting you. No rush, please take your time to grow! Nana and Pop-Pop are excited too, but they don't want you to come out just yet, you still have 4 more months inside mama.
Well baby, mama must get to work. She is working hard now while she feels OK, eventually I will have to take it easy. I will write more to you tomorrow. I love you! Just keep growing, everything is going to be alright.

Love always,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you ever

Eaten so much food that it gave you the hiccups?
Had the hiccups so bad it made you gag?
Gag so much it made you puke?
No, you haven't I have. fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday was my first day of clinicals. Well kinda. No wait scratch that. On Friday we had midterms for my new job. Yes, midterms, like I am back in school again. Anyway, now for the next 3 weeks (2 for me because of an upcoming family vacay) we don't have class, we are just in the OR. Let me just tell you how nervous I was yesterday and how absolutely terrible the day was! I pretty much got yelled at for everything I did, I feel like I would have gotten yelled at for breathing if I breathed too loudly. I even went home and cried. First time EVER!!!
Today, however, COMPLETELY different.I was in the gyne room, and I was nervous that I wouldn't like it. not what I thought! The nurses were laid back. The actually let me learn,let me ask questions. I got to open sterile instruments, open up the back table, add things to the sterile field. I got to prep op sites, do pre-op interviews AND I got to do some charting. I wanted to scrub in today, but that didn't happen. I am not disappointed, I did do a lot today. I know this isn't much to you guys...but to me...this is HUGE!! I assisted in surgical counting, and learned lots of new things. I am in the Open heart OR tomorrow with my favorite surgeon, maybe he will let me scrub...if not, I will see what I can do to gain more experience and continue to grow!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Update

I haven't posted anything about the babes lately, so I thought I would do this now...

How far along? ~ 18 weeks

Total weight gain or loss? ~ Currently sitting at 15 pounds lost

Maternity clothes? ~ Yes and no. I wear sweat pant material capris all the time (they are comfy) and I have always worn my shirts big. I am starting to wear some maternity tops, they just seem to be longer

Stretch marks? ~ None that I can see, but I am faithfully applying that cream that my sister
J gave me.

Sleep?~ Not really a problem, I can sleep anywhere. Only a problem if I get less than 6 hours, then I am constantly tired the next day.

Best moment this week? ~Realizing that I am almost 5 months pregnant! WOW! Time flies!

Movement? ~ Nope, although the doctor said I might start feeling some soon, if not, definitely start somewhere in the upcoming weeks.

Food cravings? ~None, haven't really had any at all so far this pregnancy. I do give in to some forbidden snacks lately, but it has only happened twice in the last month.

Gender? ~ I don't know. Some people are telling me a girl, some are telling me a boy. Only 2 more weeks until we find out.

Labor signs? ~NO...little femus, please just keep growing. k thanks. Love, mom

Belly button in or out? ~In....

Wedding rings on or off? ~On, although they will be coming off for their cleaning soon.

What I miss? ~Being able to eat whatever I want without worrying how it is going to affect the babes. Although, losing 19 pounds in 4 months...that is cool too ;)

What I am looking forward too? ~As much as I am hesitant to find out what we are having, I am looking forward to August 6th, when we find out what our little femus is. Also looking forward to feeling some movements.

Weekly wisdom? ~Enjoy every moment, this pregnancy will sure to go by fast

Weekly milestone? ~Making it another week...with a healthy femus ;)

I believe I read that Femus is the size of a bell pepper this week.

It's All In The Name...

So, there have been some questions regarding the use of Femus in regards to the babes. Not a nickname I myself would pick, but one my new boss affectionately gave the babe. Well actually she calls it Femus 2, but amongst my new coworkers the 2 was dropped. Apparently, my boss does not like the word fetus, and from there Femus arose. So, until we find out what we are having, Femus it is. Once we know what we are having, it will be lovingly called by it's name. Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update, life version

You will see why that is the title after future update...
SO, I have been MIA for a while...sorry about that. My new job had a lot of requirements of me, and I wanted to focus all of my energy on that. It has been 3 weeks since I started my new job and I love it! The next two weeks we are in clinical M-F from 0700-0330, so hopefully I will get to scrub and circulate and get to put some of this new knowledge to the test. On Friday we had a midterm, I think I did fine, I did my best, just waiting to see how it went. As I was studying, I was reviewing the quizzes that we took throughout the first month of the job, I remember how I felt when I took the quizzes, and I was able to laugh now at how I thought I was never going to get it. Now, I am like wow, that really wasn't a big deal. So far so good. The week of August 2, I will be away with my family! I can't wait for the family vacation, I wish hubs could go, but school is priority now, and we will figure out a way to get him a mini vacation.
On the baby front, I had a scare on Thursday, but since I had a doctor's appointment already scheduled, I just called to see if they could move my time up. Turns out the pain I was having had nothing to do with Femus, just intestinal pain for which I started medications for, and then we got to hear the heart beat! It sounded great, we also got to hear the static from the baby moving, and man was femus moving! I told the doctor that I couldn't wait to feel the baby move, and he asked if he could get it in writing. The hubs seemed to like this OB, he even took the time to ask him how he was doing. Hopefully I can make more appointments with him in the future.
Other than that the Hubs has been working a lot! He started classes last week, and made every class except Thursday :( Which I feel is my fault but he insisted that he be there for the appointment because me and femus are his priority. I feel so lucky to have an awesome husband, and hope that the pregnancy continues to go well so he doesn't have to miss any more classes.
My in laws came in yesterday, and it was the first time that some of them met. I think it went well. My father in law, step mother in law, and niece all got to meet my brother in law's fiance for the first time. Angie is awesome, and due with their first baby August 1. Looking at her you would swear she could deliver any day. I keep my fingers crossed that their daughter Bella will wait until she is ready to make her entrance into this world. (My brother-in-law thinks that when they go to the doctor's on Monday he can tell the doctor he wants the baby now and that the doctor will make Bella come out...)
I got the best text message from one of my friends yesterday. She was asking me for my address and how to spell my last name, and then curiosity strikes. Through my questioning, I found out that she is pregnant (Due Feb 5) and getting married Sept 18. She wanted my address to invite us to the wedding! I am soo excited for her. I will keep you updated on all these babies and excitement in my life.
Stay tuned...there is another update coming tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Vacations

Today, on the local radio station, if you were lucky enough, you would have heard me on it :) They were taking callers asking what their favorite summer vacation spot was growing up. Well, I got through and got to talk about my favorite vacation spot. * as a disclaimer, this year is going to be great because we are all going to be together, but since it didn't happen yet, I couldn't talk about it. Anyway, the vacation that I said was my favorite vacation spot was the 1000 Islands in upstate NY. Anyone who knows my family knows that we used to gather together and camp, fish, and swim off of rocks. It was always a good time, great memories, and great laughs. And, even though it was guaranteed to rain at least once, it was still a great vacation. Who knows, maybe we are starting a new tradition, one that I hope our children will love to do like we do. No worries, the vacation is 24 days away, I am sure there will be lots of great stories to tell.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pregnancy Hormones

This is a quick post, as I should be getting ready for work
This weekend I had a lapse in self control, and I blame the pregnancy hormones. Everything makes me teary-eyed, everything seems like a big deal now, when in actuality it isn't. Every day that I have this baby inside me growing is a blessing and I need to think of it as that. I can't think that I am being punished when I give in to the occasional craving. I can't think of anything but how healthy this babe will be. I know that I am already 4 months pregnant (wow!) and that I have 5 more months to wait to meet the babes, but I need to take each day one at a time and be thankful for what I have. R, I am sorry if somehow my blow up offended you. I never meant to. I got heated (and was hot) and didn't stop to think. You are right, schools will change before I have to worry about where babes is going to school. I am sorry. Maybe I just need a vacation...i don't know. For's off to work I go!