Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pregnancy Hormones

This is a quick post, as I should be getting ready for work
This weekend I had a lapse in self control, and I blame the pregnancy hormones. Everything makes me teary-eyed, everything seems like a big deal now, when in actuality it isn't. Every day that I have this baby inside me growing is a blessing and I need to think of it as that. I can't think that I am being punished when I give in to the occasional craving. I can't think of anything but how healthy this babe will be. I know that I am already 4 months pregnant (wow!) and that I have 5 more months to wait to meet the babes, but I need to take each day one at a time and be thankful for what I have. R, I am sorry if somehow my blow up offended you. I never meant to. I got heated (and was hot) and didn't stop to think. You are right, schools will change before I have to worry about where babes is going to school. I am sorry. Maybe I just need a vacation...i don't know. For now..it's off to work I go!


rockle said...

you need a vacation. that's a given -- we ALL need a vacation. you don't have to apologize to me for being passionate and concerned about things that are important to you and to the baby's future. i was only trying to help.

mom said...

michele that how it goes but take it easy on yourself i love you mom

Kristin said...

Pregnancy hormones can be brutal! Been there. : )Hang in there!

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Brittany said...

Just remember that pregnancy hormonescan make you super crazy. Don't be too hard on yourself! You're growing a baby inside you for goodness sakes!!!

:)) Enjoy each second!!