Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Update

I haven't posted anything about the babes lately, so I thought I would do this now...

How far along? ~ 18 weeks

Total weight gain or loss? ~ Currently sitting at 15 pounds lost

Maternity clothes? ~ Yes and no. I wear sweat pant material capris all the time (they are comfy) and I have always worn my shirts big. I am starting to wear some maternity tops, they just seem to be longer

Stretch marks? ~ None that I can see, but I am faithfully applying that cream that my sister
J gave me.

Sleep?~ Not really a problem, I can sleep anywhere. Only a problem if I get less than 6 hours, then I am constantly tired the next day.

Best moment this week? ~Realizing that I am almost 5 months pregnant! WOW! Time flies!

Movement? ~ Nope, although the doctor said I might start feeling some soon, if not, definitely start somewhere in the upcoming weeks.

Food cravings? ~None, haven't really had any at all so far this pregnancy. I do give in to some forbidden snacks lately, but it has only happened twice in the last month.

Gender? ~ I don't know. Some people are telling me a girl, some are telling me a boy. Only 2 more weeks until we find out.

Labor signs? ~NO...little femus, please just keep growing. k thanks. Love, mom

Belly button in or out? ~In....

Wedding rings on or off? ~On, although they will be coming off for their cleaning soon.

What I miss? ~Being able to eat whatever I want without worrying how it is going to affect the babes. Although, losing 19 pounds in 4 months...that is cool too ;)

What I am looking forward too? ~As much as I am hesitant to find out what we are having, I am looking forward to August 6th, when we find out what our little femus is. Also looking forward to feeling some movements.

Weekly wisdom? ~Enjoy every moment, this pregnancy will sure to go by fast

Weekly milestone? ~Making it another week...with a healthy femus ;)

I believe I read that Femus is the size of a bell pepper this week.

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rockle said...

do you have any new ultrasound pictures? or photos of the room redecoration?

OH. that reminds me. i have some baby bedding you might like, txt me later and i will try to send you pictures. used to be shae's, hardly used.