Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update, life version

You will see why that is the title after future update...
SO, I have been MIA for a while...sorry about that. My new job had a lot of requirements of me, and I wanted to focus all of my energy on that. It has been 3 weeks since I started my new job and I love it! The next two weeks we are in clinical M-F from 0700-0330, so hopefully I will get to scrub and circulate and get to put some of this new knowledge to the test. On Friday we had a midterm, I think I did fine, I did my best, just waiting to see how it went. As I was studying, I was reviewing the quizzes that we took throughout the first month of the job, I remember how I felt when I took the quizzes, and I was able to laugh now at how I thought I was never going to get it. Now, I am like wow, that really wasn't a big deal. So far so good. The week of August 2, I will be away with my family! I can't wait for the family vacation, I wish hubs could go, but school is priority now, and we will figure out a way to get him a mini vacation.
On the baby front, I had a scare on Thursday, but since I had a doctor's appointment already scheduled, I just called to see if they could move my time up. Turns out the pain I was having had nothing to do with Femus, just intestinal pain for which I started medications for, and then we got to hear the heart beat! It sounded great, we also got to hear the static from the baby moving, and man was femus moving! I told the doctor that I couldn't wait to feel the baby move, and he asked if he could get it in writing. The hubs seemed to like this OB, he even took the time to ask him how he was doing. Hopefully I can make more appointments with him in the future.
Other than that the Hubs has been working a lot! He started classes last week, and made every class except Thursday :( Which I feel is my fault but he insisted that he be there for the appointment because me and femus are his priority. I feel so lucky to have an awesome husband, and hope that the pregnancy continues to go well so he doesn't have to miss any more classes.
My in laws came in yesterday, and it was the first time that some of them met. I think it went well. My father in law, step mother in law, and niece all got to meet my brother in law's fiance for the first time. Angie is awesome, and due with their first baby August 1. Looking at her you would swear she could deliver any day. I keep my fingers crossed that their daughter Bella will wait until she is ready to make her entrance into this world. (My brother-in-law thinks that when they go to the doctor's on Monday he can tell the doctor he wants the baby now and that the doctor will make Bella come out...)
I got the best text message from one of my friends yesterday. She was asking me for my address and how to spell my last name, and then curiosity strikes. Through my questioning, I found out that she is pregnant (Due Feb 5) and getting married Sept 18. She wanted my address to invite us to the wedding! I am soo excited for her. I will keep you updated on all these babies and excitement in my life.
Stay tuned...there is another update coming tomorrow!


rockle said...

if your future sister-in-law is due august 1st, then she IS due literally "any day"! you're lucky she didn't have the baby in the living room! glad Femus is OK.

Brittany said...

How exciting! Glad there was nothing wrong with the baby! I was sooo excited to see and hear Aidyn when he was in my tummy!

Are you going to find out what you are having?

burger-burger said...

happy to hear everything is going well. and really? femus? i guess it's your baby, you can name it anything you want. (not like boba was that much better.)