Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Photos

Here are some photos from the big day. These pictures are at my folks house, of me getting ready. Trust me, there are ALOT of photos, so I can totally blog wedding photos all week. Maybe more than all week. All photos are courtesy of Photographer Bob and Elise at Creative Photos.
This picture is my dress, my flowers and my shoes. There will be a better pic of the shoes later.

Here is a picture of my shoes. They made me feel tall. Now, if only my feet were narrower, or the shoes wider, we wouldn't have had any problems.

Here is a cool picture. It is our invitation, my flowers and our rings, all squashed together into one pic.

The last picture for this morning is one of my favorites. I am skipping ahead past the getting ready to the pictures we took at my folks house. The photographer really captured my niece's beauty in this picture, so much so that they too will be using it on their website.

That is it for now. I am off to deal with the SSI office, and then try to head to the DMV. I will hopefully post some more pictures this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's official...

well kinda. We got our official marriage license in the mail, so now I can change my name to that of the hubs. It's just a matter of going to the SS office and having them make it official official. Then it's contacting the BON and changing my nursing license to reflect such change. That's the only news I have for today. Sorry.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, the hubs and I returned from our honeymoon early Friday morning. We spent the day unpacking, trying to return to a normal life, and recover since we both got sick on our honeymoon. Who would have known that 115 degrees in NV would make us both suffer from allergies. Saturday we got to hang out with my family, and I got some quality Shae time. Shae and I jumped on a moonbounce. Man, I really love me some Shae time. And well of course Joey time, but that will have to wait until Oct. Saturday night, the hubs put in a scary movie, and my cousin the Princess ended up spending the night. Sunday, we slept most of the day, still recovering from the allergies and all, and cleaned. I am now working on stuff for work, and working on our thank you cards. I can't believe that we have been married a week already. Our apartment, is starting to become more and more like ours, and hopefully one day, it can feel like a home. As soon as I find the cables for my camera, I will download some honeymoon pictures. Until then, I guess you will have to just wait ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, here is the only pic I have so far. Unfortunately, I am told by Hubby that he had cake up his nose. This of course was UNINTENTIONAL, no matter what he says!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding Day

Today is my wedding day. I will be away from the computer and away from blogging for a while, I hope you will forgive me. My sister Rockle is sure to have pictures posted, although I cannot say when. She is going to the beach tomorrow, so look for all kinds of pictures then. In the meantime, thanks for all of your prayers for beautiful weather. See you all when we get back from Vegas!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You belong with me...

I am sitting at work and just realized that this is my last shift for 13 days. Yes, I know that I am getting married at the end of the week and that is why I took so long off, but really, I don't think I ever took this much time off. A lot has happened to me this past week and I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on such. For starters, my cousin, the Princess who quote unquote poops out pixie dust, have gotten closer. We were always close, but now, I think we are really really close. On Monday, a dear friend of mine from high school, who quite frankly I haven't seen in what 12 years now had lunch. We got back in touch when my grandfather was in the hospital and her grandfather was his roommate. That day I gave her my number and never really heard from her. I was OK with that, I figured if it was meant to be, we would reconnect someday. Well, then she got Facebook, and we exchanged numbers and finally we hung out. We found out that we live like a mile from each other, so we met on Main Street. While this is usually a good idea, and a great place to meet, this time of year was not the best time to chose Main Street. Anyway, we had lunch and caught up, and I got to meet her handsome 3 month old son. I am totally grateful that we had the opportunity to rekindle our friendship and I can't wait for the countless hours that we will spend together. I also reunited with a friend on a different scale.
Awhile back, before my STBH, I dated this guy who became is a jerk and yet his family and I grew close. Well his sister and I started emailing, and are building up a pen pal kind of relationship. Don't worry, I talked this over with the STBH before any of this started and he didn't think it was fair to not talk to her because of her brother, after all, the last time I talked to her she had just graduated from Kindergarten and now she is going into 5Th grade. Anyway, I am excited about what the future holds for our growing friendship.
In the spirit of love and marriage, I also want to reflect on the spirit of a friendship kind of love. It is without my friends and family that I would be who I am today, and who I hope to be tomorrow. I hope that you all know how much you mean to me and that I continue to make you proud. Whether we haven't talked in a day, a week, a month or longer, it does not mean that you mean any less to me today than you did yesterday. I love you all!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Survival Mode

I didn't exactly know what to title this blog, although I don't think I need to be in survival mode. I am not really worried that at the end of this week I will be marrying my STBH. I am not worried that the only thing left to buy is champagne, and I am not worried that in a week the then hubby and I will be flying together for the first time. I am not worried what life will be like then, it really shouldn't be any different then now. I am not worried about the choices and decisions or opinions of other people because quite frankly I cannot worry about how other people's decisions affect me. They don't really anyway right? I cannot worry about how Saturday will go, something will go wrong and quite frankly I am ok with that. No one will really know anyway. I am not going to worry about what the reception hall will look like, I have 2 of the best people in charge of that and I KNOW they will make it look awesome. I am not worried about tripping and falling walking down the aisle, I have my daddy to support me. I am not worried about the fact that I will now be married, again how is that really different than now. What I am worried about is the now what? We will be married and then the when are you going to have children will start. I am not worried about that, but I am worried about what it will be like to be a mom, will I be a good mom? Anyway, my co-workers threw me a bridal shower at work, and it was so surprised! They are awesome! I only work tonight and tomorrow and then off until sometime in the 3rd week in August. I am so totally looking forward to time off and having a great time at the wedding, reception and then to Vegas. Hopefully we will be online again soon and then I can really blog about life. In the meantime I am at the beck and call of work and my folks house to use the internet. Hopefully my sisters Rockle and J will post some wedding pictures on their blogs for you to see. Talk to you soon!