Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, the hubs and I returned from our honeymoon early Friday morning. We spent the day unpacking, trying to return to a normal life, and recover since we both got sick on our honeymoon. Who would have known that 115 degrees in NV would make us both suffer from allergies. Saturday we got to hang out with my family, and I got some quality Shae time. Shae and I jumped on a moonbounce. Man, I really love me some Shae time. And well of course Joey time, but that will have to wait until Oct. Saturday night, the hubs put in a scary movie, and my cousin the Princess ended up spending the night. Sunday, we slept most of the day, still recovering from the allergies and all, and cleaned. I am now working on stuff for work, and working on our thank you cards. I can't believe that we have been married a week already. Our apartment, is starting to become more and more like ours, and hopefully one day, it can feel like a home. As soon as I find the cables for my camera, I will download some honeymoon pictures. Until then, I guess you will have to just wait ;)

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mom said...

call me when you get up !!!!