Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You belong with me...

I am sitting at work and just realized that this is my last shift for 13 days. Yes, I know that I am getting married at the end of the week and that is why I took so long off, but really, I don't think I ever took this much time off. A lot has happened to me this past week and I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on such. For starters, my cousin, the Princess who quote unquote poops out pixie dust, have gotten closer. We were always close, but now, I think we are really really close. On Monday, a dear friend of mine from high school, who quite frankly I haven't seen in what 12 years now had lunch. We got back in touch when my grandfather was in the hospital and her grandfather was his roommate. That day I gave her my number and never really heard from her. I was OK with that, I figured if it was meant to be, we would reconnect someday. Well, then she got Facebook, and we exchanged numbers and finally we hung out. We found out that we live like a mile from each other, so we met on Main Street. While this is usually a good idea, and a great place to meet, this time of year was not the best time to chose Main Street. Anyway, we had lunch and caught up, and I got to meet her handsome 3 month old son. I am totally grateful that we had the opportunity to rekindle our friendship and I can't wait for the countless hours that we will spend together. I also reunited with a friend on a different scale.
Awhile back, before my STBH, I dated this guy who became is a jerk and yet his family and I grew close. Well his sister and I started emailing, and are building up a pen pal kind of relationship. Don't worry, I talked this over with the STBH before any of this started and he didn't think it was fair to not talk to her because of her brother, after all, the last time I talked to her she had just graduated from Kindergarten and now she is going into 5Th grade. Anyway, I am excited about what the future holds for our growing friendship.
In the spirit of love and marriage, I also want to reflect on the spirit of a friendship kind of love. It is without my friends and family that I would be who I am today, and who I hope to be tomorrow. I hope that you all know how much you mean to me and that I continue to make you proud. Whether we haven't talked in a day, a week, a month or longer, it does not mean that you mean any less to me today than you did yesterday. I love you all!


Kristen said...

It sounds like you have an exciting week and year ahead of you!! Congrats on your wedding and have a blast!

mom said...

just keep kncking off what need s to be done for saturday !!!