Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 25th

30 days until Christmas... Can you believe it?!? Holy crap. Just thought I would take a minute to blog about life right now...as it stands... Today is the birthday of both my maternal grandmother and grandfather. Yesterday was their anniversary. Nana said she stopped counting and or celebrating birthdays...I just told her she was 57 today. I started work a week and a day ago...and I am really sick of all these classes. Today I learned about the charting system, which was good to know, but at the same time was really overwhelming. Tomorrow I get to learn about the metavision, which is the ICU charting system, and I get to spend 3 hours on the floor going over more computer work and getting my schedule for the rest of orientation. I just can't wait to be on the floor again..although no so sure I am looking forward to working nights. Today I talked to one of my professors from St Luke's who is now the director at another nursing school and she is looking at me to be a clinical instructor in the spring. I am also looking at going to Kutztown to get my MSN, hopefully I will get to start in the spring. Joe today got the job from Crayloa and gets to be pee in a cup tomorrow morning. Today he decided he wants to go to school for something that he knows will be rewarding...he wants to go to nursing school. So, hopefully he will get that ball rolling. Anyway, that is enough for now, I am supposed to be with Nan and Pop but there are so many people here that I needed to take a break and hide. If I don't post something sooner...HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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