Friday, December 23, 2011

Suddenly A week goes by...

Good morning! I had every intention of putting up a blog post last week regarding my daughter's birthday, and then about her party, but one thing led to another and the week slipped away into another week. I will post my letter to my daughtee hopefully later today, and if you want to see some pictures from her party, go to my sistee Rockle's blog at As this week started I knew there was a lot to do before Christmas, but I also thought the week was going to drag as usual. Boy was I wrong. I think this has been one of the fastest weeks ever! Here we are on Christmas Eve Eve and there is no telling how fast Christmas is going to fly by. I am hoping that time will slow down. That just for a weekend time will go by slow enough to savor every laugh, every smile, every sight, every smell. This is the first Christmas without my Grandfather, and I don't know what to expect. I know I will be sad, but I also know that he isn't suffering and
that he wouldn't want me to be sad. Either way, I know we will get through, because we have family and we have each other.
Before the festivities start tomorrow, I am making sure I get my run in. I know I will feel better about eating a little unhealthier knowing I exercised.
Whatever you do, however you plan to spend it, make sure this holiday you slow down and savor the moment. Afterall miracles do happen.

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