Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exercise yes, it has been a long long time since I blogged. Sooo why not now. Ok so today I started my pre-wedding workout. Nothing too hard, but something I can and will definitely stick too. I did not budget in a gym membership and quite frankly I don't really need too. I have 2 dogs that could use some exercise too. I did it. I started. Those 2 words are like music to my ears. I started. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to say I continued. My plan...walk the dogs in the morning when I get home from work or before I go to work depending on the day, and then again when I wake up or when I get home from work again depending on the day. Each week I will increase the distance I walk with each dog, so hopefully by May, even if Joe joins me, I will be walking at least 2 miles a day. If Joe doesn't join me that will be 4 miles...but 2 miles at a time since I can't walk both dogs at once. Today I did the first part. I left mom and dad's house and went left. At the first stop sign I turned right onto Logan. Took Logan to the stop sign, made a Left onto Van Buren. Got to the first stop sign and made a left onto Brentwood. Then walked back to home. I don't even think it was a quarter of a mile...hmm something maybe I should check just so I know, but it was a start. Unfortunately I didn't get to do it for a total of 4 times today (2 in the am, 2 in the pm), but I did walk it 2 times in the pm. I am so glad that spring is finally here. I am also looking forward to weekends...weekends that have nothing planned. So I can walk the dogs in the morning and at night, but in the afternoon....I can ride my bike again! Ohh man how much I have missed that bike.. LOL wow what a nerd. Anyway, that is my blog for today...didn't do anything fun except get off my lazy derriere and start enjoying the weather. That's all for today...I will tell you more about my fun and excitement tomorrow.


rockle said...

good for you! keep it up!

burger-burger said...

i think it's a half mile if you do the full loop to nana's and back. down brentwood, up oxford, and then i think it doesn't matter which road back to brentwood. there should be a pedometer in the blue bedroom, or you could track on your car.

excellent work and keep it up!