Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 1

So...I did it. I can say I stuck with my plan. And as easy as it is turning out, I think this was a great idea for me. I walked both dogs this morning and then again this afternoon. When I counted up the mileage...1.6 miles! Well I know that is not a lot, but to me that is huge. It sure didn't feel like that, but then again it was only .8 at a time, but still going from nothing to 1.6 miles in a day is least I think so anyway. It should be easy for me to keep walking...I just have to find time to do it when the neighborhood dogs aren't out. Gizzy, she didn't seem to pay them any attention, she was on a sniffing mission, Scout on the other hand...was on a mission...he wanted to walk and um pull me right into the dog. It was tough work, but both Scout and I returned unharmed. I think I might even be convincing Joe. He made a comment about walking 7 miles at work and mom and dad said that doesn't count. Even more scary, they seemed to have said it in unison ;) So, maybe I will be able to get him to at least do the afternoon walk with me, the morning walk is my time to unwind from work and spend it with my umm dogs. Anyway, I was able to get the walks in before it started to rain...I just hope it isn't raining in the morning...I don't want a smelly dog all day. Well that is it for now. Oh PS...The second weekend in June I think I am heading to Pittsburgh for the Autism 5k walk, and well to celebrate my cousin Brendan's 5th bday... I will keep you posted. Not sure how long exactly a 5K is, but I am sure by June I will be able to walk it without a problem.
Peace Love and Applesauce!


burger-burger said...

a 5k is 3.1ish miles. so you're already almost halfway there.

a suggestion once you get into a routine ... walk for 5 minutes, and then jog for 30 seconds. adding the intervals helps increase your exertion level and increases your caloric expenditure. (you can even start doing it now - the dogs will love the faster pace, too!)

keep up the good work!

rockle said...

jaime already did the math for me, but there are 1.61 km in one mile. in case you ever need to know that.