Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 3...130 days until "I Do"..Part 1

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good night! I am just getting in from doing the morning walk with the dogs and man..I am looking forward to adding some distance. I am going to pace myself though, I don't want to do too much too fast that I stop doing it. So I am looking forward to next week to increase it...i think I am going to only add one tenth of a mile so that I am doing a mile in the am and a mile in the pm. Anyway...another post rain morning. Today didn't seem as smelt fresh, with a hint of earth worms. I would rather smell a hint of ocean, but I know I am not going to find that here. I really think my dogs are enjoying these walks too, I am learning a lot about their uberpersonalities. Gizzy, she prefers to pretend to chase birds, or squirrels...mostly birds. Scout on the other hand,
he prefers to bark at dogs. He also prefers to try to drag me with him to meet said dog. Either way, I do enjoy mom and dog time...especially after last night at work so totally enjoyed the "unwind time" Well that is it for now...I am sooo ready for bed. Until later...

Peace, Love and Applesauce

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burger-burger said...

good work!
and you can always add more to the walk one day and then go for a shorter walk the next. but as long as it's progress - excellent!