Monday, March 30, 2009

128 part 2

WOW...for spring it sure didn't feel like it today. NOT AT ALL! I thought that if March came in like a lion it would go out like a was soo windy sure feels like March is going out like a lion as well. Anyway, I did my walk again this afternoon, another 1.8 that in writing...wait it gets better my mileage for today 3.6 miles:) WOOT WOOT! And to think that a couple days ago I started this walking business at only 1.6 miles. WOW 2 more miles in less than a week! I can't wait until I start seeing results. I can't believe that my wedding is only 128 days away...with so much left to do. I have patience, and I know it will all get done and my wedding will be as special as I am planning. I just really look forward to my walks, it is a great stress relief for me. I can't wait until the weather is nicer and I can talk the dogs to the bike path or even add a bike ride into my exercise regime. Anyway...looking forward to tomorrow. After tonight I have off until Fri...maybe one of those days I will be able to get Joe to join me on at least one walk. Anyway, I better get to work. Oh and by the way...even using no weights my arms are sore...can't wait until I get to the point with the arms that no weights is too easy and I need to increase to using actual weights. But I will goal to look the best I can in my wedding dress...well actually my goal is to look hot in my wedding dress but even hotter in my bikini on our honeymoon;) Until then...

Peas, Love and Applesauce!~

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