Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Sunday of ordinary time...

That is what I heard in Church today. Last Sunday of ordinary time. That means that Advent starts next weekend...which means 5 weeks until Christmas. Holy moly! Where did this year go. I have so much to be thankful for. I will save my thankful post for Thanksgiving day. In the meantime, I just thought I would say that finally...finally the weather is starting to behave like it is supposed to this time of year. Finally, little by little we are getting ready. Penguin says no tree or decorations until after Thanksgiving...hopefully by J's birthday we will be ready. I feel bad for Rockle who's entire family apparently is ill of some sort. Hopefully by Thanksgiving you will all feel better. Speaking of Thanksgiving...I will not be there to celebrate with family. I work Mon-Thursday, but no worries, Penguin is making our own meal so I will make sure to take pictures and post it on here. I will miss you guys, but this girl has got to sleep. Oh, quick mention..I will be in Brooklyn with Penguin and his family for Christmas Eve, so unfortunately I will not be back in time for Christmas Eve Mass...anyone wanna join me on Christmas morning? Just thought I would ask now. Anyway, have a blessed last Sunday of Ordinary time. Hopefully Penguin will be up soon and we can go visit the one and only Nana H.


burger-burger said...

you can be thankful every day. you don't have to wait until thanksgiving for your "thankful" post.

and when do you leave for brooklyn on the 24th? does that mean i won't see you until christmas day? just curious.

rockle said...

we're doing christmas eve mass with the kids - shae and joey, whee! - but by the time you get done with mass on christmas morning, we should be at mom's.

oh and fyi: we're getting our tree this weekend, if you need any help or pointers. not sure when yet. but if you guys want to visit, you're welcome to.