Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's what's for dinner...

So, a friend of mine got us this awesome cook book for a wedding present,

and for some reason Penguin and I never used it. That is until today. With the forecast predicting snow, I thought it was a soup day, and Penguin went a long with it. Let me just tell you that this book did not disappoint in any way shape or form. So, what was on the menu you ask. Well of course let me tell you. "Red Lobster" Clam Chowder and "Red Lobster" Cheddar Biscuits.

I know that the biscuits do not look like the ones you will find at Red Lobster, but Penguin and I will agree that they tasted like the ones you will get there. Actually, Penguin told me he wants to make them with every meal. Maybe that can be arranged, after all I only go to Red Lobster for the biscuits! My awesome sisters got us a slow cooker cookbook which will be utilized for the first time this upcoming week. See, Penguin does all the cooking in our house, but he starts work on Monday! Finally, he is going to be going back to work. Anyway, he will be working from 8-430 for at least the next week, and it will take about 30-45 minutes to get home. So, if I want to eat before work I will have to cook. Yes you read that right, IHAVETOCOOK! So, I will load up the slow cooker with all the ingredients and hopefully wake up to a delicious meal, and who knows, maybe Cheddar Biscuits will be served. Stay tuned for more adventures in cooking, hopefully no one gets sick in the week to come.


rockle said...

you'll have to send me that biscuit recipe so i can look at it, but if it uses bisquick and not yeast, you can probably mix up a batch of dough, portion it out ahead of time, and then freeze it. pop two servings worth in the oven every night, and voila! (but i need to see the recipe to verify - please email.)

burger-burger said...

easiest slow cooker recipe ever ... whole chicken (or just chicken breast, but make sure they're still on the bone. they're just better that way) carrots, celery, potatoes, onions (whatever vegetables you like). fill the slow cooker most of the way with the vegetables (or as desired). pour some chicken stock (or even water) until the vegetables are almost covered. season as desired. (i usually only use salt, but i'm sure anything will work.) turn the crockpot on high, cook for three hours. then turn to low and cook for two more hours. and if you cook the whole chicken, meals for at least a few days.