Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, today was day number 3 back at work. I felt very green. I felt like I haven't worked in over a month, well true I was off for over a month. Monday and Tuesday I did mostly paperwork. Insert YAWNNN HERE! Holy crap it was a lot of paperwork. I don't mind doing it, because well, I had too, but whatevs. Monday was hard going to work. I cried. I hoped the babes would have been sleeping, but she had different plans. Sunday night she went to bed at 11:30, slept until 2 am and then was AWAKE until 0500. At that point, I went on with my day to get ready for work. I didn't even bother the babysitter until about 0900 and then only texted when she texted me first. Tuesday was a little easier, teared, but not cried and knew that the babes was in good hands. It definitely makes it easier to go to work when you know the babes is in good hands. Today, with the ice, the hubs stayed home. It was his first time alone with the babes since she was born, and I think I was more worried about her being home with him than with the babysitter. Either way, tomorrow is Thursday and my first week back is almost over, and I survived. Friday the babes is 7 weeks old, but I am not rushing for her to grow up. On Valentines Day she is officially 2 months special is that. Anyway, I will continue to try to post as I can, but I am new at trying to juggle the mommy hood and career life so I just might blog not as often. Either way, try to stay warm. If you look outside, it looks like I live inside a snow globe.


rockle said...

blog when you can, and don't worry about us. once or twice a week will be fine, we just like to watch her growing!

ps - if you ever need a guest poster, let me know, i might know someone who might be interested. ;-)

burger-burger said...

you don't need to blog so much as post pictures. and like rachel says, once or twice a week is good! especially now, since she'll grow so quickly!!