Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Makayla Update 2 months

So, yesterday Makayla had her 2 month checkup. She did great. She is weighing in at 13 pounds 12 oz 95 percentile for her weight and 24 inches again in the 95 percentile. We get to start her on rice cereal in 2 more months, after her next check up. Who can believe that my 8 pound baby is now a 12 pound girl. Where did time fly by? She is now cooing and talking and laughing, oh, and did I mention that her laugh is contagious? Anyway, just thought I would update you. Pictures soon!


rockle said...

baby food soon! and then before you know it she's almost a year old and you get to start writing posts like this one:

if you ever need suggestions, let me know.

mom said...

just so glad i can get on your blog...yes talking to her is wonderful she doesnt know the word NO !!!! love mom

mom said...

ps call me when you have a chance tonight tomorrow !!!