Monday, March 21, 2011


Today is the second day of spring, and what do I wake up too? Snow! I don't know about you, but I am so over wintertime. The weekend was beautiful, Makayla and I did lots of walking, a prep for what is to come when I go to work 3-11. It's not the best shift, but, it is what I need to do for my family. I found the good things that come with working it, and Makayla and I will get a lot of time we used to. Also this weekend, I found out that I got into graduate school! It will be a lot of hard work, with now having to balance work, being a mom, school and home life, but, I know I can do it. When we aren't busy at work, and all the work is done, I can do some of my school work there. I can also come home and do work for a little before going to bed, but I also know I can't stay up long because my sweet little babes wakes up no later than 730. Hope you guys have a great day! It's Monday, but hopefully spring is around the corner.
But, here is a picture to remind us that spring is around the corner. This is from my parents' garden.


rockle said...

ooh, bummer, you guys got snow! we just got some rain. which is bad enough, but at least it's not snow. (and good news: it's supposed to be fairly warm today.)

Anonymous said...

is makayla coming down tonight? let us know i love you mom