Monday, April 4, 2011


Soo sorry. I haven't posted in a while. It's not that I didn't want too, it's just, who wants to read about a walk that I took my daughter on? There are a lot of more interesting stuff going on in the world and it seems like my little corner of the world is insignificant. I did however find some pictures from when my sister J came to visit from Chicago. It was great to see her, I know Makayla enjoyed the visit.

Now that I am 3-11 at work, I will try to do my best to take more photos. The weather is starting to get nicer out, so we will definitely be outside more. Here's to a great week!


Anonymous said...

phinhi'll try to get daddy to get your glasses and i'll sew tonight love mom

burger-burger said...

we don't care about reading what you did. it's the pics we love!