Thursday, April 7, 2011


They seem to be how we roll these days. It used to be hard to get Makayla to nap...not anymore. It used to be hard to get her to sleep through the night, not anymore. My little baby will be 4 months old in a week.Where has the time gone?! Back to the reason for this post. Between 11 and 11:30 Makayla gets hungry. She gets a bottle, and eats about 4 oz. At 12 she starts to get cranky, and at 12:30 she is asleep within minutes. No lie! It used to take 3o minutes to get her to fall asleep. Today, I held her until her eyes closed, and she was out like a light in 2 minutes. If you try to move her too soon, it used to wake her up. Not this time. I put her in her crib, and she stayed asleep! Looks like 12:30 is nap time. It is just now finding how long her naps will last is still in the development stage. On Monday she napped for 2 hours, on Tuesday 1 hour. I don't know if she napped yesterday, my dad had her. I will find out today how long she naps for. At night, it used to take FOREVER to get her to fall asleep. She used to only fall asleep if I was holding her. Some nights it is still like that, and I have to admit, sometimes I do love it that she needs me. I know that she has slept through the night since Valentine's Day, it is just now that she goes to be between 8 and 8:30. If the dogs cooperate, she gets to sleep until 7. The last couple days, only until 6 -6:30. That is still 10 hours of sleep for her. That is great. I prefer the until 7 part, but that hasn't happened since I started working 3-11. But it's ok. I wouldn't change anything.
We also started walking. We walk everyday. We start sometime after 9, usually 9:15, and walk until I am bored. My goal is at least 30 minutes/day, and so far I have done it. Hopefully this little exercise will help me lose a little weight.

Editors note: As I write this, Makayla woke up after only 45 minutes of sleep. While I hopefully helped her to go back to sleep, I realize how unpredictable a baby is. Hopefully, she will go back to sleep, because quite frankly, I need a nap too.


burger-burger said...

i want a picture, too! :-)

and yes, they're completely unpredictable. good luck with the napping!

rockle said...

FOUR MONTHS! man, we are getting old.