Monday, July 4, 2011

Long overdue Update

SO, I know it seems like ages since I blogged. Yes, I know it has. So, here are some stats from her last doctor's appt. She went to the doctor's and weighed in at 20.8 pounds, and 28 inches tall. She had 2 shots and her one oral vaccine. She handled it like a champ! She was given the go ahead to eat fruits and vegetables (although she has been eating them since she was 5 months old). We have now introduced white meats, eggs, and fruit juice! She hasn't really met a food she doesn't like, which I am happy about because her father is a PICKY eater. She has mastered rolling over, and has started crawling. In the last couple days she is getting better at it, and when she doesn't get to where she wants to get fast enough, she will roll there. It's actually quite funny. You can see how proud of herself she is when she gets to her destination. She HATES being stuck inside, and I believe my daily walks are as much for her as for me. Oh, and swimming. She LOVES it and would stay in a pool all day if I let her. Which, is great considering the family I come from. And, if it this is a vacation will be a success! Well, from the pool aspect. I still have to see how she will do with the sand, and I will have to sneak away to the beach for the day. Yeah, I need a vacation. That will happen soon...just a month more until I took a vacation. Nothing planned, just not working. Ok, back on track, this is about my sweet babes afterall. We started reading books again before she goes to sleep. We did it when she was first born, then she didn't like it for a while, and now we do it again. It makes me happy being able to read to her. I don't get to do it most of the time because I am at work, so I do cherish the moments we have together. Hopefully one day, she will realize how much I really do love her. Well, I better go. Tomorrow is another day, full of potential photo opportunities, adventures, and all that jazz.


rockle said...

we're escaping to the beach with you one day when you're on vacay - just have to confirm what day that week is wacky water day so i can schedule around it.

Shelze said...

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday I am working at Musikfest. So any other day I am FREE!