Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleepy time

Makayla has the sniffles, and therefore isn't sleeping the best. She sleeps, but she does wake up more than normal. She is also going to bed earlier which I think accounts for the early wake ups. Anyway, today, she was up at 6:30. She had breakfast around 7, and was wide awake playing. She started her "I'm sleepy" routine, rubbing her eyes, laying down, but since Joe was still home she thought it was time to play. SO, I thought we would go for a walk...they put her to sleep instantly. I put her in the exersaucer, just so I could get dressed. This is what I came out of the room all dressed for a walk to...

She was so tired, she fell asleep in the exersaucer. I am ok with that. I picked her up and carried her to her crib. I am hoping to get her on an earlier nap schedule so that she naps with the other kiddos at daycare. Which, I think she likes. They all tell me how happy she is, but...we already knew that. Anyway, I think I will get some stuff done while she sleeps. Happy Tuesday! 4 days until Vacation!

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rockle said...

it's hard to say if the like daycare at this age, but as she gets older and starts being more "interactive" with her little friends, you'll see how much she likes it.