Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 and a half months...

Makayla had her 9 month check up today. I will share with you her stats..
Weight 23.8 pounds. Last month 20.8 pounds, birth 8 pounds 10 oz
Length 29.5 inches. Last month 28 inches, birth 20 inches
Head circumference 18 inches, last month 17 1/4 birth 14.
She is still off of the charts on everything. She had her first flu shot today, she gets the second part in a month. I also found out today that the pediatrician's office pierces ears, so on Nov 17th, my daughter is getting her ears pierced! Just in time for Thanksgiving. We also learned that when she is 11.5  months old we lose the formula and start whole milk, but no more than 24 ounces/day. My husband will be happy to hear that, he LOVES whole milk.
I cannot believe that we scheduled her 1 year check up! Where did the time go? My little angel is almost no longer a baby :( Now, off to plan her birthday party. Happy Hump day!


Anonymous said...

no picture ? what about her stuffy nose and cough ?

rockle said...

you're going to cause a family fight. shae is not allowed to get her ears pierced until she turns 5, AT LEAST. possibly never if G gets his way.