Monday, April 23, 2012

Never thought I would be writing this...

In 6 days is my first half marathon. I have trained for 12 weeks for this. How quick the time as gone. I am still in awe with how far I have come since September.  When I starting running in September we were on our family vacation at the beach. I thought I was going to run just for exercise, then just for a 5K. And, here I am less than a week away from my first half. 13.1 miles! Holy crap! People have probably been thinking that I was joking about the freak outs beginning, but oh, no, I was not. I am completely flipping out. Yes, I know it is just another race, but it is so much more to me. I wish I could put it into words, but how do you sum it up?!?  I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of emotions on that day. So many, that I already have my race day outfit picked out.  I will be wearing my red BCR tank, a black running skirt and some red hair bling from the awesome people at SparklySoul. I gotta have some bling. This week is my taper week. I am looking forward to it, to enjoy life a little slower this week. Today was a stretch day, which, I do anyway, but I also took it for time to paint my toe nails.  (Hoping by the time I am finished writing this I will have a picture, if not, later). Tomorrow is a 4 mile day, and on Thursday, it's 2 miles. I CANNOT remember the last time I ran only 2 miles. Look at that, me calling it ONLY 2 miles. WOW! Anyway, here is some race information for those that are reading this that want to come to the St Luke's Half Marathon....

DATE – Sunday, April 29, 2012
START TIME – 8:10 a.m.
Allen High School
126 North 17th St.
Allentown, PA

For spectators...
Spectator Buses
All buses taking spectators to viewing points: 15th St & Martin Luther King and the Covered Bridge in Lehigh Parkway. Buses will load spectators in front of Allen High on 17th Street. All buses will run continually throughout the race.
Getting Back to Hotel or Parking Lot
At the end of the race, buses will be available at J. Birney Crum Stadium (race finish) to shuttle runners and spectators back to the Holiday Inn Allentown Center City, Wingate, Comfort Suites, Holiday Inn, and Howard Johnsons with a first stop at the Fairgrounds parking lot for those who drove.

There are many good locations to cheer along the half marathon route. We offer spectator buses which will take your family and friends to the intersection of 15th St. & Martin Luther King Blvd. and the Covered Bridge in Lehigh Parkway. Buses will load spectators in front of Allen High School on 17th Street. All buses will run continually throughout the race.
Buses are free for spectators. Please understand that as per the bus company’s regulations, we cannot allow dogs onto the buses.

Starting Area

Runners will be escorted from the Allen High School gymnasium and assembled outside along Turner Street according to your starting time. Runners will then be lead to the starting line along Linden Street. The 5k runners will line up first and start their race at 8:00 am. Once the last runners leaves the starting area the half marathoners will line up.
There will be three starting corrals grouped according to your bib color: Corral 1 (Green Bib) is for anyone planning to run a predicted finish time under 1:49:59. Corral 2 (Yellow Bib) is for a predicted finish time between 1:50 to 1:59:59. Corral 3 (Blue Bib) is for a predicted finish time of 2:00 and aboveI am Corral 3!

Don't know what you will do for 2.5 hours? Check this out...there are live bands at every mile of the half marathon.

Thanks for being a part of this...see you at the hopefully 2.5 hours!


Angie from BCR said...

Michelle, you are going to do great! You've trained so hard and should be proud. Getting through a training schedule really is the hardest part. The race is the time to enjoy all of your hard work coming together. It will be a blast! I totally understand your nervousness about your first half. This race was my first one as well two years ago. I remember all of those emotions quite well. Heck, I still get nervous before any race, but that's what keeps it fun and motivating. If it was boring, why do it?! Just relax and breathe this week. Enjoy the taper, and every second of the race! You've earned it girl! See you there!

Anonymous said...

You will do fine shel and i will check on you. Hope you have decent weather love mom