Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just when I thought it was too good to be true..

So, I really thought that everything wedding planning wise was going off without a hitch...until today. It seems like the place for my reception called me TODAY after cashing my check in FEBRUARY to tell me that they are double booked. They asked me if my invitations were already sent out, and if I could start my reception later. Now, instead of having the place available for me to set up on Friday night, it wouldn't be available until 3pm on Sat. So, now I am looking for another place to have my reception. I know it is tacting, but if I have to change my locale for my reception, like it seems I might, I will send change of venue cards to all invitees. I have no other idea of how to make everyone aware of the change, if it ends up needing to be changed.


mom said...

shelly i have enough friends that we can tackle this after the wedding...we just have to make sure it is available and what time !!!!!

rockle said...

shae volunteered to help clean, lol.