Monday, June 29, 2009

Here's a story of a girl

She cried a river and drowned the whole world. Ok, so maybe I didn't cry the whole world, but I did cry today as my sister returned to Chi-town after coming in for the weekend for my shower. ( I didn't take any pictures, but I know other people did, so I myself and hoping to see some pictures soon). It was a great shower, Rockle and J did a great job planning it. I am very thankful for all the generosity that my family and friends showed to Penguin and I. Now, we are down to the wire....a little over a month left. I am rededicating myself to weight watchers for the final haul...and again going to try to get back to working out. J had me do an awesome workout tape, and I am hoping to order it this legs are still sore from it. I am actually really glad that my legs hurt, even though I couldn't keep up with the video, I didn't let myself skimp out either. But I also know that the pain will go away, and so I must get back to using it. I also have to continue to plan out the next couple of weeks, because as you know Penguin and I are moving, so now I must also plan packing into our already hectic schedule as well as the final meetings with the florist and photographer. Oh yeah, and we also have to have our cake testing...mmm cake.... Well, that is it for now. I am back at work and reality. It was great not having to work for a while, but now it is off to the hustle and bustle. Here's to a wonderful week!


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