Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th

So, with less than 2 months until I change my last name, I just wanted to let you know kinda how my calendar looks. Ok, so first things first... just about every week from now until the wedding I am working 5 days a week. Yep that is right, I said 5 days a week. It is either 3 12s and 2 8s or 4 12s and 1 8 or some variety of the situation. The end of June, the 27th to be exact is my wedding shower. Sometime after July 8th, Penguin and I will be going for our marriage license. Saturday July 11th is our cake tasting and hopefully decision process. July 14th is my final meeting with the florist, and sometime in there will also be the final meeting with the photographer. (I only say sometime bc that is on my to do list for today). Really, I am not nervous yet...I just have to finish paying on the things that owe money, decide on a favor, and start purchasing the stuff for my center pieces. Really, I don't think that is too bad. Oh, I also need an aisle runner and a garter...hmpf. Well that is it for now. Have a great Saturday!

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