Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm leaving...

Not by Jet plane. As most of you know, we the entire family will be heading to Chicago this weekend. The parental units leave tomorrow with Penguin and I, and Rockle leaves either tomorrow night or Friday morning. This will be the first time all of us will be in Chicago at one time since J's wedding. I can't wait. Since I am working tonight, Penguin is driving with my dad in shotgun. Mom and I will be in the back, and hopefully I will be sleeping most of the trip. I am looking forward to this trip. This will be Penguin and my only vacation for a while since I am on a pay off your bills so we can buy a house mode. Anyway, I don't have twitter or anything like that for my phone, and I am going to try to be computer free. I will take lots of pictures, Penguin and I are thinking about going into downtown one day as he has never been there. Anyway, look for many pics to come. Have a great weekend!

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