Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week in Review

Yes, I know it is only Wednesday, but I thought I would do a recap quickly of the week thus far.
Sunday, I ran. Not for as long as I wanted too, but still, I did it. Now, I just need to motivate myself and I will do it again. This weekend is my next start date with running again. Anyway, on Sunday I ran for 8 minutes and thought my heart was going to explode. So, then I had to walk for 4 minutes. I didn't want to think I was done yet, so then I ran for 2 more minutes, followed by 2 more minutes of walking, then finally a 2 minute run. I was sooo sore, but it felt great. I decided that the route I chose was not the best to start off had hills! I decided on a different route.
Monday, I had to work, but man, I was sore. Again, it felt great, but I thought I didn't want to do too much right away, so I took the day off.
Tuesday, my friend Liz came over with her son Anthony, and we walked for like an hour. We took the route that I chose for running, but just added distance to it. Really, I think I could have walked forever, but Anthony had finally started napping and Liz had errands to run.
Wednesday, again, I am at work, but I still should have done something. Apparently, today I chose sleep. Tomorrow, I am hoping to do the 30 day Shred like I have been meaning to start. I figure it is only 20 minutes, so if I do that on days I work and run on days I don't I will start to get in shape better. I am also hoping to run Fri Sat and Sun. I will keep you all informed. My goal for running this weekend is to make it 10 minutes without having to stop. Then I will repeat that goal for next week, and then hopefully by the time I am in Chicago I can try for like 12 minutes. I have no idea how far I can run in 10 minutes, but hopefully since the terrain will be flat, it should be easier for me.

I will talk to you soon. Jaime, I hope you are having a great vacation. Can't wait to see you! Rachel, hope you are having a good week. See you this weekend? Mom, see you Friday for dinner with Gavin!


rockle said...

you know -- you could probably shred on off-days, too, if you felt like it.

or you could have a candy bar and a nap, works for me. ;-)

RCaitlin said...

Hey! I would love any pictures you have :). You can email me at