Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

This is the eve of the first Christmas with my daughter. So, what do you do with a 10 day old?...

(Photo credits, my sister R)
Go to Church of course. That's my niece Shae holding "her" Makayla. I have to say, what a sweet babes she is. She didn't cry once. Knock on wood. And Shae was very protective of her cousin. There was a 2 year old named Ava sitting in the pew in front of us, whenever Ava wanted to see Makayla, Shae came from where she was sitting to stand between Ava and Makayla. It was sweet. I can see a friendship blossoming.

Hope your Christmas is as magical as ours will be. Remember the reason for the season, and if you were good, may Santa bring you everything you wanted. If you were naughty, there is always hope for next year. As for me, Santa brought me my gift 10 days ago. Don't mind if I go ahead and enjoy her!


mom said...

love their seriousness...the socks are all nana !!!! love mom

rockle said...

you reminded me ... i have another picture from church where shae is looking like "what the heck do i do now?" -- sending it now.