Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The following message is brought to you by my colon..

If the title didn't get you to leave and you are still here, thank you. Today is day 2 of becoming someone who eats gluten free. No, I don't have celiac disease, but I have noticed that certain wheat products made me feel really bloated and it was uncomfortable. So, I am trying gluten free eating to see if that resolves my bloating. I also have become dairy-free and even have given up my love for Greek yogurt. Yep, you read that right, I gave up my Greek yogurt.  That's ok, I found something even better. I found Amande Yogurt, made from Cultured Almondmilk and I love it! It was sweet at first, but just like any yogurt may take time to enjoy. There aren't many flavors, but the flavors that they do have are good.  Jumping to giving up cow's milk wasn't a big jump for me, I don't really drink milk, and when I do I usually drink Dark Chocolate Almond milk. I even once tried Chocolate Lactaid, but didn't even like it. I will take my Almond milk anyday.  I am not sure if turning away from Gluten products will help boosted my weight loss path (I have been on a stale mate since I haven't been able to run) but right now it is about how I feel, not what the scale says.

Speaking of running...yesterday was my LAST physical therapy session and I was given the go ahead to run again! YESS!!! So, I will be back to it on Thursday, running 2 miles, but it is definitely better than nothing. I am going to take it slow...I don't want to have any setbacks. Today is my last day I am giving myself off from the gym...I go back at that on Friday, toting along my exercises from Physical Therapy and some ab workout. I know it will be great to be back to running. I never really realized how much running has transformed my life and I also never thought I would ever miss it. I have realized both over the past 6 weeks. I am looking forward to getting running and getting moving again. I am even more interested in seeing how going gluten-free will affect my performance and or my weight loss.

And because some of you don't visit my sister's blog, here is a picture she took, that I just love...
And one more.
Happy Wednesday! I hope you find your passion...and run away with it!

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these are some of the pictures i want !!!