Thursday, June 14, 2012

18 months

I cannot believe that my sweet lil lady is 18 months old today! Where did time go?!?! So, while I took an unintended hiatus from blogging (I haven't been able to run, so I didn't feel the need to blog) I did take some pictures of my daughter. I really need to carry my camera around more so that I don't share all of my photos on fb and/or instagram before I post them here. I do have some running updates and will resume blogging normally tomorrow (hopefully) but, in the meantime, here are some pictures of my sleeping pumpkin, and not so sleeping pumpkin.

Yes, she is wearing Philadelphia sports swag, and no I didn't dress her, YES, her FATHER put her in this outift

Bath time is one of her favorite times...

Checking out flowers
This cover-up gets me EVERY single time

The tradition continues....but, I LOVE how she is checking out Uncle "Quack"

My favorite picture from Memorial Day, only MY kid will find a way to eat watermelon even when she is too tired to hold it.

While we are coming on this milestone in birthdays, I wanted to share some of the things that this lil one has begun to do. As we all know she runs around every where, sometimes like a wackaloon. She loves her Shae-Shae, Pop-Pop, and Nana as those are the first 3 people she calls when she wakes up EVERY single morning. She is starting to say Jo-Jo, and now has the meow of a cat down pat. She still loves the game of "What does____ animal say," and now she loves to try to name colors of things. She loves her bubbles, but loves to swim way more. She thinks it is awesome that I run, and every time we try to go somewhere she tries to give me my running shoes NO matter where we are going. She was excited over the potty training potty, but has since lost interest. It's ok, I am just not quite ready to let her grow up yet. She now can name some Disney characters (Daisy, Pete-Pete and Minnie) but while she can say hotdog, she won't say dog (it is a woof woof). She is still the love of my life, and goes nuts whenever she sees me. I have to say that I fall in love with her more and more every day (in a way I never thought was imaginable) and EVERY single things she does, she is growing to be more and more like me. She tries to be as independent as she can be, but when she can't she'll try to let you do as little as possible to assist her. She is growing more and more into a little lady and less and less like a baby.

M, mama loves you! Icontinue to enjoy every moment of our days with you and while I want you to slow down growning up, I am loving EVERY single thing you do and love how excited you get when you are able to do something on your own. I love you today, tomorrow and always! Happy half birthday!


rockle said...

a very merry unbirthday to kayla!

burger-burger said...

you can, of course, blog about whatever you want, but i wouldn't mind more pics of makayla. today was great :-)

and i can't believe 18 months already! happy unbirthday, kayla-kayla!