Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to reality

I don't really know what else to title this. The beautiful weekend is over, and we were greeted with rain on this Monday. What a way to start the week! So, I spent all weekend praying for nice weekend and we got it! I also spent some alone time praying that joining this specific gym is the right choice, and for me it was. So today,went I went to the gym to work out, (still keeping it light, but trying to get back into it and I start physical therapy tomorrow) and of course I knew I wanted to do cardio. When I walked in, I noticed that the movie cardio room had Miracle as the movie of the day. I HAD to go in there. I got so lost in the movie (I LOVE IT!!) that I ended up cycling for an hour! I rode for 10.5 miles...I really only planned on cycling for 20 minutes, but still felt good. So, when joining the gym, I also got to sign M up for daycare at the gym, so I can still work a sweat while M gets to "work out" at daycare.

Yesterday, my grandmother's pool was opened. Apparently, I missed the actual opening process because I had to work, but it was opened none the less by the time I got off of work. And who couldn't wait to get in...
She LOVED it! While the water was cold...65 degrees, it couldn't keep my niece Shae it. Had it been warmer both outside and water temp, I am sure that Makayla would have been in it because I am sure she would have made sure that I was in it. I am excited to see what the summer brings us, and what photos my sister R took yesterday, and once I learn how to pack EVERYTHING including the camera for this summer, I can't wait to capture every.single moment.

Happy Monday ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

yes you will not be able to keep her out ...unless we have the potty chair !! love mom