Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking back..

I need to take back my me time. I keep giving it away and I need to take it back. No, mom, this isn't directed at you. I love spending my mornings with Nana, besides, sometimes she says the best things! I need to stop letting other people tell me what to do, how to spend my time, and generally make me feel like crap. I think I have gained 8 pounds since I stopped running, and quite frankly that makes me really sad. Not sad like fall into a depression, but sad none the less. I was hoping to be bathing suit ready this summer, doesn't look like that is going to happen. I just have a little while longer to hang in on 3-11 and I will if it kills me. If it means I have to go to bed sooner, to take back my me time, then so be it. I MISS running...I MISS working out. Yes, I did just say that. Yesterday, I ran a 5k. I thought it was HARD. IMPOSSIBLE even. I felt like my half marathon was easier. Maybe that is just it. Maybe I am not meant for sprinting (is a 5K even consider a sprint). I tried to run without music, that was a bust. I tried to enjoy the moment..I did until the first hill. I don't like feeling like I have given up, yesterday I feel like I did. I am not training for anything right now, so running is no longer a priority. I need to change that...I WANT to change that. So, I am taking my me time back. Starting tomorrow...I am going for an early morning run, followed by a massage. I think that is a great way to take my me time back. Hopefully, things are on an up swing. Hopefully this low that I am feeling with my IT band will pass because I love running...I love how it makes me feel, and I LOVE how it helped me lose 57#. I only have 41 more I want to lose...I CAN DO THIS!!

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rockle said...

here is an upside for you: pool is opening soon. and just think of all that non-joint-stressing exercise you can get in the pool!

HANG IN THERE. this, too, shall pass.