Monday, November 5, 2012


Once upon a time there was this trip to Chicago. It seems like so long ago, but really, it was only last week. A lot has changed in the last week, just look at the photos of the Jersey Shore. Anyway, before Sandy hit, we were having a grand ole time in Chicago. Wait, even after Sandy hit and we were temporarily stuck in Chicago we had a grand time. As you know we went there for my nephew's baptism. My sister Rockle was there so go visit her blog for some awesome photos. Anyway, I am not as camera literate as both of my sisters are, but here are some photos from the post-baptism meal.

 I have no idea if he knew I was taking this picture, I think there were others taking photos at the same time.

I just love how Joey is truly enjoying the ice cream! It was as sweet as he is.
Anyway, after the meal, we practically had the entire day left. Since we didn't know yet that our flight was delayed, I am sure the kids were enjoying their last full day together.
 She drives the car with one leg, the other leg is just relaxing...
 Pure joy here in driving the tractor, or was it his Phillies hat?!?!
 Shae is not really used to driving the tractor, this is her concentrating on not getting eaten by that bush
And yet, amongst all the chaos, I found a rose still blooming. Oh Chicago, you never cease to amaze me.
That is is for today, I will post more pictures tomorrow. Happy Monday!

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