Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Photos from Chicago

As you know for the end of October we went to Chicago. As you also know, Hurricane Sandy prevented us from coming home which equalled an extra day in Chicago. It was awesome! My sister lives in a beautiful little town, and the accessibility to parks made me jealous. Anyway, the kids all together had all sorts of fun, and seeing them do yard work made me wish I had a yard. Anyway, here are some pictures from the adventures in leave raking...
All the kids were excited to help, Makayla preferred to help her Joe-Joe.

 Here, we were trying to encourage the kids to jump in the pile of leaves, instead, they preferred to rake them..
 Makayla saw that Jacob was watching, he became her baby, and she wanted to kiss him ALL.THE.TIME.
 Don't worry, the kids were supervised. I think Jaime loved the fact that they yard was getting raked. I LOVED raking the leaves, it made me wish I had a yard.
Makayla is looking at her work. She loved the rake, maybe for next year, I will get her her own.
She tried to be gentle, but really enjoyed kissing Jacob. She really loved him, and misses him. She talks about Jacob, Joe-Joe, Joe-Joe's mama and Joe-Joe's dada all the time. Other than the drive home, I think she enjoyed herself. I know that I miss it and cannot wait until our next trip. Thanks Jaime for having us!

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