Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 thingers

So Rachel did a blog about the most 25 random things about thought I would do it too...

1- I have had one Brazilian wax so far in my life...possibly one more for my wedding...and I think every woman should get it done once in their life.

2- I have smoked pot in my life...I will not lie...but I don't do that anymore, nor do I wish too.

3- I wish I still lived in Washington because of the scenery but know I would miss my family too damn much

4- Every guy I ever dated, Joe included, was met online.

5- I am good at faking happiness because I am not happy with my looks or how in debt I am.

6- I secretly wish that I had a smaller family

7- Only a part of me does BC planning a wedding is horrible when your family is large

8- I constantly worry about what people might say about me, especially at work, because being a nurse is all I think I am good at

9- I am glad that Joe and I are opposites, otherwise my life would be boring.

10- I hate being the center of attention..I mean seriously...It makes me want to throw up

11- I wish I could blow up cigarette production plants....too many of my loved ones are addicts.

12- Yes, I did say addicts...I need to start a nicotine anonymous meeting group.

13- I have started a Disney movie collection, so that one day when I have kids they can enjoy the classics

14- Or they can at least tell me I'm a nerd

15- I love baking, but wish I could cook

16- Am secretly jealous of Rachel's cooking ability, but too proud to ask for lessons (maybe not any more?)

17- I think Garbage Pail Kids were the funniest damn thing....

18- Right behind the gum, Bazooka Joe, fortunes

19- If I ever win the lottery, I am giving money to my parents, and my siblings so they never have to work again and can stay home with their kids...and then buying a house for myself with an unlisted address and phone number

20- I wish my family went to Church together... That includes Rachel and her family and Joe....

21- I do believe that a family that prays together stays together

22- I wish I waited longer before I had sex...or at least waited until the right person

23- I regret not playing soccer my senior year in college

24- I wish Joe and I had met sooner

25- Sometimes I wish my life was a fairy tale


rockle said...

wow, there is ... a lot here. but my two cents:

1. you shouldn't ever have to FAKE happiness. EVER. and anyway, the people who really care about you? we already know you're faking. and we wish you wouldn't. there is plenty there to be happy about, if you'd shift your focus a little.

1a. that book is in the basement. "1001 things to be happy about." pull it out every once in a while. it will help. really. i'm not kidding.

2. i can give you cooking lessons if you want, but everything i know i learned from experimenting. it's a kind of "choose-your-own-adventure" story. but if you want lessons, let me know.

3. not all fairy tales end with "... and they lived happily ever after." sometimes you have to make your own happy endings. they're better that way, anyway.

you are a GOOD PERSON. and PEOPLE LOVE YOU. remember that, ok? we're not saying that because it's polite -- it's the TRUTH.


Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I did #13, too!
Found you through MckMama...