Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So...Finally I feel like I have done something productive towards planning this wedding of mine...I met with the florist. I was actually quite surprised by the bill...something that I can totally live with. SO the flower that has the headliner is the hydrangea (but not in the color shown here). Also making an appearance... the gerber daisy and of course roses, again, not the colors shown here. Shae will be carrying silk flowers (the florist said they will be lighter and easier for her to carry) and they will look like the ones seen on this blog ( I have no idea who owns this blog, but they have great pictures of the kissing ball) http://imagineomit.blogspot.com/2007/12/what-is-kissing-ball.html.
So...I have a photographer, I believe a dj, a florist...and all that is left is the caterer and wedding cake. Not bad for having 6 months to spare. I will keep you updated.


burger-burger said...

hooray for planning!

kenju said...

Shelze, thanks for the link. I am glad you found my photos of kissing balls, and I am surprised that your florist didn't know about them. Good luck with your wedding planning. It sounds as though you are well on your way with it. I wish you well.