Friday, January 2, 2009

Pom and circumstance goes here...

Right now it is exactly 0153 on 1/2/09 and I am at work. This is blessed down time, but gives me the opportunity to state my goals for 2009. I chose not to do resolutions bc quite frankly I break them...sooo if I make goals then it seems like I shouldn't break them. First things first...I have almost every cotton picken piece of paper needed for grad school filled out. I am just waiting get 2 out of 3 references back and then I will send them all in to Kutztown. Sooo in case you haven't guessed getting my Masters or at least start my masters is a goal for 2009...can't really say that actually achieving it is my goal for 09 bc well...I won't have it by the end of the year. My second goal is to stay sane while planning my wedding. I have exactly 7 months and 6 days until I say "I Do" and I have already filled my planner with to-dos. Hopefully I will be able to keep my cool and do the little things one step at a time. My next goal is to spend more time with my family... I mean that more so in the sense of taking time to spend time and listen to my family. As a nurse my life is usually hurry up and get this done or hurry up and get that done, that when I am at home I am not exactly one to RELAX. I am not even sure that that word is in my vocabulary. This past week the entire Haldaman clan was in one house...and ohh how much smaller my folks house seems to have gotten. This week I fell apart bc I felt that my sisters and I were drifting apart bc they share some special bond that I am not a part of and that by the time I do share that bond it will be water under the bridge. I am ok now...I realized (after talking to Jaime) that there are things that we still have in common that being a mom shouldn't be a deciding factor that we are drifting apart. After that discussion the last couple nights with all of us in one house was actually enjoyable. ...Ok so one more goal that I can think of right now...I hope to at the end of the year...yes even after Joe and I are married is to be finally in a house, and not renting it, but owning it. I know that that sets me up for stress...but I believe that Joe and I can do it. And where there is a will there is a way. Anyway, that is enough for now.... I need to actually do some work right now... Take care! Peace love and happy meals!

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