Monday, January 18, 2010

Come Monday

So, today was my husband's first day of school in 10 years. I felt like the proud mama when I left work this morning and was all prepared to take a picture to post on here of him going off to school. Instead, I fell asleep and only had brief text conversations when I was in and out of consciousness.
Me: So, How is it so far?
Hubs: I hate math and my bio teacher reminds me of bear (Grylls of Man v Wild) but old
Me: Lol, that's good right? Why do you hate math? It's only been one day
Hubs: He loves homework
Me: Well, that is good ;)
Hubs: Eww

I proceeded to go back to sleep after this, and hubs woke me when he got back from school.
His next words were, "I made a friend today, and he is a body modifier."
I looked at him and said huh?
Hubs: Yeah, he is a body piercer!

Oh, man...can I have asked for anything better?

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