Friday, January 15, 2010

Root beer float

I personally love root beer floats, however, I do not like Caffeine Free Coca Cola floats. There is just something about see this

that makes me want to not want them anymore. It doesn't look appetizing, and well, it wasn't really all the soda float-esque, however, if you want to see a heck of a lot of foam...this is the way to go.


burger-burger said...

was it a diet caffeine-free coke? :-) you're right, though, it doesn't look appetizing at all.

rockle said...

coke floats are an acquired taste anyway -- personally, i never liked vanilla coke, root beer is much better! so i recommend trying again with diet barq's and some high-quality churn style frozen yogurt or light ice cream -- the "richer" the better, to keep the frizzles from sticking to the side of the mug. and also: try using one of those glass mugs, and keeping them in the freezer if you have room. TRUST ME.

ps - looks like you go your camera back from mom? we'll be up tomorrow night, i think, if you have off.

rockle said...

GAAH! should be: "ps - looks like you GOT your camera back from mom?"

mom said...

have barbs # i'll call her later and anytime is fine !!!!